Onsite service is one of the costlier forms of support. So get the most out of your techs, dispatchers, and managers with Field Service Lightning, mobile resource optimisation software from Salesforce.
• Get a 360-degree view of each service appointment
• Let everyone work from a single customer record
• Collaborate and share case updates across teams
• Connect IoT device data to customer records
• Easily access knowledge-base articles onsite
• Boost first-time resolution rates with Einstein AI
• Identify parts onsite with image recognition
• Assign work based on business rules
• Get complete visibility into all operations
• Track and divide work based on geography
• Optimise resource schedules with one click
• Access and update records regardless of connectivity
• View knowledge articles and communicate with experts
• Scan product barcodes and update inventory in real time
• Create and submit service reports right onsite
• Capture customer signatures right on the work order

• Easily create rules using business logic

• Collaborate across teams with a shared knowledge base

• Integrate customer data from multiple systems

• Track key efficiency and productivity metrics 

• Gain insights for improvement using analytics


With Salesforce, we can make our field services more proactive, [helping] us better understand our customers’ needs.”

Michael Williams, Head of Service Field Solutions Development



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