September 2016

The three steps to use LinkedIn Content Marketing Excellence

Everyone understands the power of LinkedIn for reaching the world’s professionals. The hefty price tag Microsoft paid for the business social network recently makes that point loud and clear. Still, few see it as anything more than a recruiting or selling platform.

In this Marketing Cloudcast, the team is joined by Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s Global Content Marketing Leader. If you want to better understand how to use the content power of LinkedIn to influence your audience, listen to this insightful podcast.

Jason makes the important point that before LinkedIn rose to prominence, you needed multiple different media and channels to reach B2B professionals. But today, for the first time, you can reach all of them in one place. There are more than 400 million professionals active on LinkedIn. As Jason says, while they might “spend” time on other social platforms, they “invest” time on LinkedIn. They are there to learn, to network and to improve themselves. So it presents a great opportunity to give them what they want: information.

Jason shares with the team three essential steps to starting to use this valuable platform to grow your brand awareness, educate your market and connect with prospects and customers - as well as potential recruits.

1. Set up your homepage: The first step he recommends is setting up a homepage for your company so that you can easily be found in searches and that people interested in your brand can follow you. This way you have a firm foundation from which to share your content. Jason describes this as your “content hub” which becomes a “catalyst for everything that you do”.

2. Publish on LinkedIn AND SlideShare: People often forget that LinkedIn bought SlideShare - the Youtube of slide decks - and has beautifully integrated it into its feed. This means that content shared on SlideShare can be easily shared with your network on LinkedIn. Jason describes using LinkedIn and SlideShare in this way as “turning the content you have into a self-guided visual journey”. Publishing blogs on the publishing platform, as well, is a powerful way to reach your audience. Jason points out that content receives 15 times more impressions than job ads - so there is ample appetite.

3. Promote your content: Of course, it’s a complete waste to invest time and money into creating content and doing nothing to make sure people see it. “Build it and they will come” simply doesn’t work in content marketing. You must drive traffic to your content. You can do this for free using social techniques to put the content into your audience’s feed; but you can also strategically invest budget into paid promotions that push your content to those who the LinkedIn algorithm knows follow your topics.

If you’re not paying to promote your good content, then I think you’re missing the boat in content marketing.” — Jason Miller

Which brings up another important point - align your content with strategically-chosen topics and subjects. Ensure all the content you create rolls up to strategic themes that strongly serve your overall business objectives. This is about making sure you aren’t “creating random acts of content,” says Jason.

But these tips only scratch the surface of the value that Jason has to add in terms of helping you hone your LinkedIn content marketing strategy. Before LinkedIn, Jason had already built a career out of marketing to other marketers and has an in-depth understanding of how this medium works and what success looks like.

Download the podcast to hear everything Jason has to say. It will change the way you view and use this important professional network.


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