Feel secure about your data.

Security. Privacy. Compliance. It’s on our minds, too. That’s why we created the tools you need to protect sensitive data — all on the #1 trusted platform.

Learn how to build secure apps, manage privacy, and keep data compliant.


Build secure apps

Mask, encrypt, monitor, repeat.

Help teams build securely and test with Data Mask. For apps that are running, use Salesforce Shield to monitor threats and encrypt data. Then, see all your security in a single view with Security Center.

Manage identity and privacy

Build trust with customers.

Your customers are counting on you to keep their data safe. Privacy Center helps you comply with privacy requirements, protect customer information, and provide transparency. And use Customer Identity to provide multi-factor authentication for experiences that capture sensitive data.

Salesforce security products allow us to scale with confidence and focus on our core competencies knowing our patients’ data is safe and secure within the platform.”

Keith Algozzine | Founder and CEO, UCM Digital Health

Keep data compliant

Stay on top of compliance requirements.

Use Salesforce Shield to automatically archive data and encrypt data.

Keep your teams compliant while on the go with Salesforce Mobile App Security and Compliance.

And if you’re building apps in Heroku, Heroku Shield can help keep sensitive data compliant.


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