Get together safely with Safety Cloud.

Manage COVID-19 testing protocols and automate validated entry for employees and customers.
  • Scale testing and vaccine verification
  • Manage health and safety protocols
  • Automate and streamline entry

Bring employees and customers together, safely.


At work.

Integrate at-home and on site testing options with HR and building access systems to help employees return to work, safely.

At events.

Combine event registration data with attendee testing and vaccination status to help customers get together, safely.

Scale testing and vaccine verification.

Help scale, centralise, and streamline processes for validating COVID-19 health status prior to entry. Prebuilt flows create individual profiles and send communications once status is verified.

Manage health and safety protocols.

Keep everyone informed of pre-arrival policies, protocols, and other critical info – and automatically send updates if things change.

Automate and streamline entry.

Connect COVID-19 health status verifications and individual data points to generate secure, multi-factor credentials for entry.

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Extend Safety Cloud

Build scaleable, custom journeys to keep everyone informed in Marketing Cloud.
Track health and safety data in custom reports and dashboards in Tableau.
Connect and collaborate in real time in Slack.
Deliver hands-on, personalised learning and training in Trailhead.

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