What is Salesforce?


Salesforce is the customer company. We make cloud-based software designed to help businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way, so they can find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

Customer 360, our complete suite of products, unites your sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams with a single, shared view of customer information, so that your company can become a customer company, too.


What does Salesforce do?

It helps teams work better together. Your business may use a single Customer 360 app, or a combination of many. By improving team communications and productivity, businesses drive greater success.

Connect the dots between marketing and sales.

Use the Marketing Cloud app to send targeted, personalised messages to prospects, right where they are most likely to engage with them. When customers click on your ad or website, an automated message is sent to sales, notifying the team of a new lead.

Share more information to close more deals.

Sales Cloud lets everyone on the sales team see and share all the pertinent customer information, giving reps everything they need to close a deal. AI-driven prompts let you know when it’s the best time to take a specific action to drive a deal forward.

Make service the secret to your success.

Because your support team can see all your customers’ information, team members can better deliver those essential surprise-and-delight moments. And big issues get resolved faster with cross-company case swarming.

Salesforce Customer 360 unites your teams with a single view of customers.

Our complete product suite includes apps for every step of the customer journey, from lead to loyalty. And everything works together seamlessly on a single platform. Whatever size your business, whatever your industry, there’s a solution tailored to you.
A wheel depicting all of the Customer 360 products.

Salesforce is also your go-to source for business insights.



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Salesforce is a platform for change.

From the start, Salesforce has been on a mission to help businesses succeed, and to use business success to drive positive change for people and our planet.

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