Do more, faster. See how MyIntegra has increased automation

Find out how MyIntegra is increasing efficiency while helping more clients make the most of their funding from Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme.


MyIntegra’s mission is to enable better lives for people living with a disability. It does this by helping participants of Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) find the support providers they need and manage their budgets and payments.

The organisations is passionate about creating better client outcomes, and uses Salesforce to provide efficient support. Harnessing Data+AI+CRM, MyIntegra has also automated invoice processing to increase productivity and pay support providers quickly.

“We’re continuing to grow and leverage the efficiencies Salesforce provides to free up our staff and give them more time to focus on clients and delivering best-in-class service.”
Rodney Gibbs
General Manager, Operations - Plan Management, MyIntegra

Empowering teams to work smarter and faster

MyIntegra’s services include taking care of day-to-day administration for clients and helping them to make the most effective use of their approved funding. The organisation aims to differentiate itself by providing the best service to clients and fast payments to service providers. Salesforce helps it do both, empowering MyIntegra’s Plan Management and Support Coordination teams with tools to work smarter and more efficiently.

The Plan Management team was the first to adopt Salesforce. With MyIntegra’s ambitious plans for growth, it needed to more fully automate invoice processing and allow clients to self-serve.

Salesforce helped solve this challenge with Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud automating invoice processing and client communication and Experience Cloud supporting a new self-service portal.

Both clients and support providers can log into the portal to submit invoices and track payments. Clients can easily view and understand their budgets using accessible dashboards built with CRM Analytics.

Introducing self-service and increasing automation helped MyIntegra scale to support an increase of close to 200% more clients.

increase in active clients supported through increased automation and self-service

Increasing productivity with intelligent automation

MyIntegra continually builds on its systems to provide clients with better support, leading it to replace previous integration and automation tools with MuleSoft. MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform has made it easier to connect and share data across systems. It will replace the organisation’s middleware platform in the future, providing increased scalability and robustness to support critical payment processes.

Meanwhile, MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has led to a six-fold increase in straight-through processing of invoices in less than two months. MyIntegra expects this number to increase as it applies AI to identify support codes or other missing information from invoices.

“Combining AI and RPA will help us further increase efficiency through more intelligent automation,” said Oneil Menezes, General Manager Technology, MyIntegra. “We are also looking at how we can use AI to determine next best actions, whether it's for more efficient processing of invoices or faster case resolution.”

increase in straight-through processing of invoices achieved in less than two months with MuleSoft RPA

Streamlining client support

MyIntegra has now brought its Support Coordination team onto the Salesforce platform, providing them with a 360-degree view of clients and streamlining task management.

For instance, using DocuSign from the AppExchange, the team can quickly create and send contracts to new clients right from Salesforce. They can then immediately set out to connect these clients to support providers in their local area.

Centralising these activities in Salesforce has improved data management and increased visibility of information such as which clients are working with each support provider. It has also provided management with real-time visibility into the team’s activities, eliminating three to four days previously spent on month-end reporting. With Field Audit Trail, MyIntegra also retains a complete history of its data in Salesforce which helps to manage compliance.

To further enhance the client experience, MyIntegra plans to refresh its self-service portal and launch this alongside a new app. The app, to be created using Mobile Publisher, will make it easier for clients to track budgets and carry out tasks from their phones. It will also allow MyIntegra to communicate using push notifications and introduce one-click approvals.

In the meantime, MyIntegra continues to provide personalised and efficient support via the phone and has maintained a six-monthly average NPS of 71 measured via end-of-call surveys. The surveys, as well as NPS surveys within MyIntegra’s self-service portal, also provide insights on how to further improve service.

“The comments we’ve received via the surveys have been positive and helped us identify how we can use our portal to proactively address client concerns,” said Menezes. “Empowering clients to self-serve is something that’s been important to us from the start, and by adding a few more tools to our portal, we take things to the next level and really simplify their lives.”


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