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Small Business Trends

Read insights from small businesses worldwide on driving impact with data, CRM, and AI.
Sixty-five percent of customers expect companies to adapt to their changing needs and preferences. But 61% of customers say most companies treat them as a number. It’s a divide that businesses need to bridge. Discover strategies used by small business leaders to meet these challenges.

Thriving in a data-first world

Data. Customer Relationship Management. AI. See how small business leaders are adapting to these latest trends and powering their businesses across marketing, sales, and service. Download our report to learn how successful small businesses are:
  • Adapting to a data-first environment
  • Putting a customer relationship management (CRM) system to work for deeper customer insights
  • Leveraging AI to create more time to improve customer experience

Ready to drive impact with data, CRM and AI? Get all the details in our report.

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