How to Speed Up Revenue with Subscription and Usage Models

Use subscription and usage revenue models to bond with your customers and accelerate your business.

In B2C ecommerce, subscriptions doubled every year for the last five years. Now, subscriptions are taking root in B2B, and the new economy is pouring jet fuel on this shift. Salesforce is here to help you get started with a new guide for revenue and sales operations teams.

Become a revenue revolutionary. Keep innovating on subscriptions and usage — until your revenue model fits like a glove.

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Put recurring revenue to work for you.

Companies are making a shift.

  • Before: Charge for products.
  • After: Charge for access to products.
  • Before: Win revenue once.
  • After: Win revenue again — and again.

Want to transform your revenue in time for the new economy? Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Combine subscription and usage revenue models into the perfect sweet spot of product-market-pricing fit
  • Change your mindset — and your products, processes, and technology — to become ready for recurring revenue
  • Take a page from the B2C playbook, and make buying feel great

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