Salesforce’s Richard Socher Discusses Artificial Intelligence


Salesforce Chief Scientist Richard Socher recently shared his thoughts in a story for Fortune Magazine on why fear of an AI apocalypse is distracting us from addressing the real, immediate challenges posed by AI. "We face major issues around bias and diversity that are much more human and much more immediate than Singularities and robot uprisings -- training data with embedded biases and a lack of diversity both in the field and our datasets,” Richard wrote.

While excitement around AI is at an all-time high, we find ourselves caught up in a hype cycle. “The more we incorporate these systems into our decision-making processes, the more we must do to ensure that we are using them responsibly,” Socher writes. “We also need more diversity in the community of researchers and developers who are building these systems.”

Hear more from Richard in the Fortune article, where he discusses how we can build AI tools that make us better, more efficient versions of ourselves and give us the opportunity to focus more on creative, impactful tasks that create a better world:  

Commentary: Fear of an AI Apocalypse Is Distracting Us From the Real Task at Hand





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