March 26, 2019

ClickZ Names Salesforce Pardot Best Marketing Automation Platform

We're proud to announce that Salesforce Pardot has been named Best Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) at the Martech Awards 2019.

Hosted by ClickZ, a marketing technology publication, the awards are a way to celebrate innovation at a time when business success relies heavily on investing in the right technologies. Across a crowded landscape of more than 7,000 marketing technology solutions, ClickZ’s awards bring focus to some of the top solutions that are helping businesses keep up with rising customer expectations in a dynamic time for the industry.

The technology categories were judged by readers and their customers, as well as a panel of eight expert judges. Known for its cutting-edge lead management and faster sales cycles, Pardot enables B2B marketers to provide a smarter, more personalized customer experience. Through intelligent features including recently announced Einstein Campaign Insights and Einstein Behavior Scoring, Pardot empowers marketers to establish more leads and arm sales teams with personalized content at the right time.



“We know that today’s marketers and sales reps need to be working in lockstep, and need intelligence at their fingertips to generate the best leads and most personal touchpoints,” says Michael Kostow, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Salesforce Pardot. “We’re honored to be recognized as ClickZ’s Best Marketing Automation Platform for 2019. It’s exciting to know our technology is seen as a must-have by the industry at a time when there are so many options available.”

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