November 21, 2019

Dreamforce Reporter: The Biggest News Coming Out of Day Three

Welcome to the Dreamforce Reporter, our collection of the key announcements, ideas and insights coming out of Dreamforce 2019.

Today features top news, President Obama in Conversation with Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff, a conversation on food systems, dialogues with CEOs on equality, and a panel discussion on climate action. Below are some of the key announcements and highlights from previous days. In addition, don't miss our Dreamforce Reporter story highlighting day one, including the complete opening keynote video replay, here, and our coverage of day two, here


Key Announcements

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President Barack Obama in Conversation with Marc Benioff, Chairman and Co-CEO, Salesforce



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Food Systems and Climate Justice, with Dominique Crenn



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  • "It’s not about replacing something. It’s about evolving and trying something else." - Dominique Crenn, Chef & Activist
  • "It’s a really complicated thing. We all need to be paying more for our meat. Because when you see what it means for the lives of the animals, the lives of the people who are raising these animals, for you to insist that your chicken is $2.99 a pound for organic, or $5.99/pound, it doesn’t translate to a good quality of life. And yet, for me to sit here on this fancy stage, in this fancy building, with you fancy people, and insist that we all pay more for our food, it’s a really complicated thing to say, when there’s so many people for whom food access is really complicated and difficult and even impossible." - Samin Nosrat, Cookbook Author & Host of Netflix Series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
  • "I think it’s a systemic question that we’re not pushed to ask questions about, and not pushed to look into. It comes down to individual responsibility because capitalism doesn’t want you to ask questions... The simple answer? Start going to farmers markets, start getting to know your local producers. Go visit that farm, see how those people live, see how their workers live. That’s the first step I think." - Samin Nosrat, Cookbook Author & Host of Netflix Series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat
  • "It needs to start from the top. Everything is involved politically. So when you start to change laws… We are the people so we need to change it in our own community and not care about the political system, and maybe that way, things are moving. And I can see it, I think the farmers market… I talk to a lot of farmers right now, and more farmers and more youngsters want to get into that." - Dominique Crenn, Chef & Activist


CEOs Advocating for Equality



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  • "If we can get women investing more, then we give them more freedom in their own lives so that they can go out and start the companies they want to start and they can leave the jerk boss they want to leave, or they can leave the relationship they don’t want to be in, and help society. There’s nothing bad about women having more money. Today we wouldn't be in the ‘Me too, Time’s up’ movement if women had as much money as men do, which means if women had as much power as men do." - Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder, Ellevest
  • "We have to do something at the top that trickles down to the rest of the company. People are going to be attracted to TaskRabbit because I’m diverse. I’m an African-American woman, obviously. But that doesn’t mean I sit there and say, ‘You know what, now we’ve solved the diversity problem at the company.’ We still go through and look at diverse hiring for every candidate, for every role that’s coming in. Are we making sure we’re creating an inclusive environment in the company? Everybody goes through unconscious bias training. Nobody who interviews at our company doesn’t go through it, because we all have biases." - Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO, TaskRabbit
  • "Middle management is where diversity goes to die. When the CEO gets it, that when he or she throws it to middle management and says, ‘Promote diverse people,’ that a lifetime of socialization overcomes that directive because I just so intuitively know that that person who looks just like me is going to be more successful than the research says someone different will be. And there are no consequences to what there doing. So I’ve come to the conclusion that CEOs need to break the wheel and do things that are radically different."- Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder, Ellevest
  • "I know [how it feels] when you’re pulled into something and put on stage or in a photograph because they need one woman in the photograph. You fight tokenism with authenticity. For us at Minted, it’s really about finding hidden talent. Talent really comes from unexpected places, and that’s inside the organization and outside the organization." - Mariam Naficy, Founder & CEO, Minted
  • "Without diversity of perspective and diversity of opinion, you just don’t ultimately get the best product. If we don’t have diversity in our engineering teams and our product terms and our machine learning teams and so on, how can we possibly build a product." - Sarah Friar, CEO, Nextdoor, Inc.


From Protests to Policy: Youths Demand Climate Action



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  • "We’re in a planetary crisis. Experts have been saying it, but no one was listening. Now young people are taking to the streets, in our cities, in our businesses, and they are taking action. They know that the climate crisis is going to affect them more in the future than in the previous generation." - Carlos Madjri Sanvee, Secretary General, World YMCA
  • "I do love how more young people are taking legal action… More people are on the streets but also taking legal action. We’re becoming even more creative on how to hold our world leaders accountable." - Alexandria Villasenor, Founder, Earth Uprising International and leading organizer, Fridays for Future Earth Uprising International
  • "Time and time again we’re seeing young people assert our power, our passion, our voice, our leadership on the streets, in the courts. Politically, it’s changing the game. We’re at a time in history where it’s needed more than ever… This is going to be a tipping point moment - the next several years are going to determine the next several hundred years, and you have a part to play…. Leverage your privilege to help people who are being displaced by the climate crisis right now." - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Hip hop Artist, Youth Director of Earth Guardians and Cofounder of NOW

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