Chapter 5. Reduce Sales Rep Ramp time

Chapter 5. Reduce Sales Rep Ramp time

Organisations aim to decrease the rep ramp time and quickly get them up to speed. Reducing ramp time for new sales reps is crucial to:

  • Avoid under-utilisation of assets
  • Enable reps to start closing deals sooner
  • Minimise the cost of employee turnover

Siloed information, lack of data insights, and unclear expectations can hamper the learning curve of new sales reps.

By deploying simple strategies within Salesforce, you can cut the sales rep ramp time by an average of 35 percent.

Salesforce enables sales leaders and managers to:

  • Provide reps with real-time guidance on the next steps in the sales process
  • Track rep activity and deal progression in real-time

To do this, Salesforce offers the following:

Access to key resources in one place

On average, 40 percent of sales reps leave their job within the first 12 months. So, rapid and successful onboarding of new sales members is critical to business continuity and sales success. Onboarding consists of knowledge sharing with new hires that helps them to understand the company culture, establish a connection with the community, and have access to the right tools to be productive.

It also builds a sense of ownership towards organisation goals and drives greater job satisfaction.

But how do you accelerate onboarding? Create a Chatter group for the entire sales team. Let them stay connected wherever they are. This also gives your reps quick access to the latest key assets (think corporate presentations, global pricing guidelines, or approval matrices). Add a topic, conversations, and files to quickly reference this for use later. 

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Recommendations by deal stage

Every company has its sales processes and prescribed set of key tasks that sales reps should complete at each opportunity stage. These processes and tasks should align with organisational selling methodology. Managers can make it easier for new reps to learn this methodology and understand the key tasks by stage. Embed these tasks in a custom link in the opportunity page layout. 

Your reps can better understand which key task should be completed at each opportunity stage. It also cuts ramp time for new reps and helps them quickly move their deals through the process. And trains reps to engage with the right extended team members at the right time to close their deals quickly and successfully.

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Pipeline Analysis

Sales Cloud 360 provides organisations with visibility into the sales pipeline, so future revenues can be predicted based on all deals in progress. In addition to the summary view of the pipeline, sales managers can track individual deals in a pipeline at the micro level. This enables managers to know when they need to step in and guide the reps. To leverage these features, it is imperative that sales managers regularly analyse pipelines to understand their overall health, as well as areas requiring attention.
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With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you get access to analytics and intelligence capabilities that help you understand data on team performance, track your competition, and deliver smart predictions. With tools for sales forecasting and lead management, and the ability to configure, price, and quote every deal, Sales Cloud makes growth faster and predictable, making sales teams highly productive. An empowered team ultimately exceeds customer expectations and builds strong customer relationships.

From best practices and strategic consultations, to training and community support, Salesforce assists businesses every step of the way. To access more resources on how Salesforce can accelerate your sales success journey, click here.

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