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AI at Salesforce: Media Resources

The most important AI updates from Salesforce including commentary, customer success, news, data, and more.

AI Stories From Customers

AI-powered text enrichment empowers each rep with a “Guccified” tone of voice that’s accurate and easy to use.


Executives and ad reps have full visibility of the sales pipeline with dashboards and AI-powered insights from Sales Cloud Einstein.


Einstein will automatically pull the necessary content and draft an appropriate response to the customer, driving faster support & increased agent productivity.

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AI Statistics

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2024 AI Predictions From Salesforce Leaders

Another big step forward will come when large language models (LLMs) are tapped not just for content generation and analysis, but decision-making and workflow automation.

Clara Shih

CEO, Salesforce AI

AI platforms will propel the use of AI-driven digital assistants that will permeate every organizational layer, with executives leveraging AI insights for strategic decisions and frontline staff depending on AI for daily tasks.

Alice Steinglass

EVP and GM, Salesforce Platform

Advancement in semantic query – essentially a question written in a ‘human’ language that then gets translated into machine language – will dramatically change customer service.

Rahul Auradkar

EVP & GM, Unified Data Services & Einstein, Salesforce

I expect scale to be the central idea in AI heading into 2024, but not in the way one might think. I’m most excited about reductions in scale, not increases—how smaller models are making generative AI more accessible, more affordable, and even safer.

Silvio Savarese

EVP and Chief Scientist, Salesforce

A primary objective for AI over the next year is using the technology to achieve full autonomy within enterprises, where standard workflows can be entirely automated. There is massive potential for AI to automate every mundane task, from order processing to financial settlement and post-sales support.

Param Kahlon

EVP and GM, Automation & Integration, Salesforce

As AI advances, we will continue to see more AI-powered attempts to infiltrate and exploit systems across the entire digital ecosystem.

Alice Steinglass

EVP and GM, Salesforce Platform

What’s Hot From Salesforce’s AI Research Team