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Generative AI at Salesforce: Media Resources

A compilation of news, stories, screenshots, demos, and spokespeople information for journalists covering Salesforce’s efforts in AI, data, and CRM.

Latest Multimedia Assets

Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT is the world’s first generative AI CRM technology

Einstein GPT Trust Layer

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer uses several security measures to bring trusted generative AI to the enterprise

Marketing GPT

Marketing GPT empowers marketers to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse provides timely and relevant insights to business users

Sales GPT generated sales email

Sales GPT

Service GPT Case Wrap-up Summary

Service GPT

Dynamic Product Descriptions in Commerce GPT

Commerce GPT

AI-powered workflows built in Slack

Slack GPT

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Salesforce Voices on AI + Data + CRM

Clara Shih, CEO, Salesforce AI

We’re not talking about writing funny poems. This is about bringing enterprise grade generative AI to our customers in a way that’s rooted in business outcomes.”

Salesforce’s New Head of AI on Leading Customers into an AI Future

Clara Shih

CEO, Salesforce AI

This is a photo of Francois Ajenstat

Organizations must be data driven to survive and thrive. The reality is, data-driven companies are more successful — they retain customers, have mastered profitable growth, and will be a better company to work for.”

Tableau Chief Product Officer: Generative AI Will Level the Data Playing Field

Francois Ajenstat

Chief Product Officer, Tableau

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