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2020 Salesforce Equal Pay Update

I joined Salesforce in September 2019 — just over six months ago today — and I couldn’t be more grateful. The company is truly a best place to work, and I can see why we have earned top spots on best workplaces lists by Fortune, Forbes, Glassdoor, and others. Our culture is unique because it’s intentional, prioritized, measured, and we are constantly innovating.

A core aspect of Salesforce’s culture is our deep commitment to equality, which guides everything we do. That’s why in 2015, Salesforce made a commitment to equal pay for equal work. Since then, the company has evaluated pay on an ongoing basis to address any gaps among gender and race.

Today, we’ve completed our FY21 compensation planning process, which included an equal pay assessment of our 50,000 employees (excluding Tableau employees, which completed its own assessment). The assessment found seven percent of employees required equal pay adjustments. Of those who received an adjustment, 96% were due to unexplained differences among genders, and in the U.S., four percent were due to unexplained differences across race and ethnicity.

As a result, we spent $2.1 million to address any unexplained differences in pay, totaling more than $12 million spent to date to ensure our global workforce is paid fairly.

Our work with equal pay will never be done. We’ll continue to iterate on our processes, tools, and practices as we continue to grow our workforce and evolve our business.

While we’re proud of the progress we’ve made on equal pay, we recognize equal pay alone is not enough. It’s one part of our equality journey. We will remain committed to leveling the playing field throughout the entire employee experience — from onboarding to ongoing employee success.

Molly Ford and the Office of Equality have done incredible work championing some of our equality efforts to ensure we’re creating a workplace where everyone feels seen, valued and heard. You can read more about Molly’s story, the importance of recognizing Equal Pay Day, and how you can become an equal pay advocate here.


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