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Salesforce Announces Implementation and Data Governance Bundles for Safe and Secure AI Rollouts

The AI Implementation Bundle provides essential development tools that help customers build, test, deploy, and extend AI experiences across their organizations 

The Data Governance Bundle combines key security and privacy capabilities to help IT teams protect and manage sensitive customer data

Salesforce today announced two bundled solutions to make it easier for IT teams to develop and deploy trusted AI capabilities in a secure and trusted way: the AI Implementation Bundle, which includes Einstein Copilot, Einstein 1 Studio, Platform licenses, Sandboxes, and Data Mask, and the Data Governance Bundle, which includes Shield, Security Center, and Privacy Center.

As part of the Einstein 1 Platform and integrated with Data Cloud and the Einstein Trust Layer, the new AI Implementation and Data Governance bundles allow customers to garner significant savings on products to enhance their security posture as they prepare for AI, and to help implement AI safely across their entire organization.

The AI Implementation Bundle includes Salesforce Sandboxes, which helps IT teams safely experiment with generative AI and adjust desired outputs.

Why it matters: Nearly 80% of IT professionals say they face business pressures to implement AI and more than 80% of workers believe having trusted data is key to accomplishing that, according to Salesforce’s recent “Your Data, Your AI” study. But nearly half of IT professionals worry their security infrastructure won’t be able to keep up with AI development demands.

What’s included: 

  • The AI Implementation Bundle contains critical development tools, including Salesforce Sandboxes and Data Mask, that allow IT teams to test Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder and train new employees on how to use generative AI safely and securely before deploying to production. In addition, the AI Implementation Bundle includes capabilities to help customers build and extend tailored AI experiences for any department across their organization. For example, any Sales Cloud customer can extend their CRM with a custom, AI powered Deal Support Request Management application that automatically centralizes and summarizes deal support submissions, assigns owners to each sales opportunity, and triggers notifications on next steps in Slack to the appropriate team member. Together with Data Cloud, the AI Implementation Bundle unlocks the ability to build and extend custom solutions — not just for sales and service departments but for IT, HR, Finance, Legal, and other teams as well. 
  • The Data Governance Bundle empowers businesses to quickly prepare, configure, and manage the data they use in their AI implementations in safe and secure ways. For example, wealth management companies, which operate in a highly regulated industry, can use Shield and Privacy Center to detect sensitive financial data and manage data retention policies related to AI. These tools, along with Security Center, also help companies define and enforce data access policies governing which employees can access data and help ensure that only customer-approved data is used in AI models. Once AI is deployed, Shield then monitors the data for any unusual transactions and will alert the customer or block access when there are potential anomalies. Combined with the Einstein Trust Layer, this solution helps customers drive data resilience from the infrastructure to the application layer and protects data used in AI-driven activities against internal and external threats.
The AI Implementation Bundle includes Salesforce Sandboxes, which helps IT teams safely experiment with generative AI and adjust desired outputs.

Salesforce perspective: “Every company wants to get started with AI, but a lot of companies don’t know where to begin. The possibilities with AI are vast, but so are the decisions that accompany every aspect of its development and implementation, from data governance to use case testing. These bundles make it easy for companies to get started on their AI journey by allowing teams to safely experiment and test the technology, while ensuring their data and AI are secure before and after deployment.” – Alice Steinglass, EVP and GM, Salesforce Platform

These bundles make it easy for companies to get started on their AI journey by allowing teams to safely experiment and test the technology, while ensuring their data and AI are secure before and after deployment.

Alice Steinglass, EVP and GM, Salesforce Platform

Salesforce as customer zero: Leading by example for customers, Salesforce used the tools available within these bundles to internally test and deploy several AI powered solutions for the company, including its AI powered V2MOM business planning app. 

  • The V2MOM is a critical tool that keeps more than 70,000 Salesforce employees aligned and informed of the company’s overarching vision and priorities across every team. 
  • When it came time for employees to create their individual V2MOMs for the new fiscal year, the Employee Success team saw an opportunity to infuse generative AI into the app with Einstein, giving every employee a digital assistant to help create more concise, aligned, and measurable V2MOMs. 
  • The IT team used products included in the bundles, including Sandboxes, to build, test, and ship this AI powered app in under three months. Since the launch, more than 80% of employees have used the new Einstein features, exceeding the team’s original goals.

With the AI Implementation and Data Governance bundles, Salesforce is combining the tools that it uses internally to safeguard data, building AI-powered solutions like the V2MOM app, and making it easier for customers to follow the same set of best practices.

Customer testimonial: “As we integrate AI technology into our operations, thorough testing is crucial to ensure security and viability. Our approach involves testing the AI meticulously before deployment, alongside the Einstein Trust Layer for data protection and Shield for governance throughout the deployment process. Testing the technology in a Sandboxes environment will also be instrumental in building the necessary capabilities to customize prompts and implement AI safely and effectively. These steps allow us to accelerate the delivery of AI solutions across our organization, with safety and security top of mind.” – Brim Basom, Managing Director of Technology and Innovation, Goosehead Insurance

Availability: The AI Implementation Bundle and the Data Governance Bundle are available for customers to purchase today.

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