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App Efficiency: How Shell Downstream Leverages Low-Code and Salesforce Tools

What a difference low-code makes. That’s the takeaway at Shell Downstream—the gas and oil processing subsidiary of Shell Energy. By incorporating low-code application development practices and adopting cloud platforms Shell Downstream has slashed its reliance on manual coding, greatly accelerating time-to-market for applications, as reported by CIO.

Shell Downstream is using low-code tools to craft apps for services leveraged by mergers and acquisitions, retail, human resources and sales and marketing, among other use cases. As a result of low-code development, Shell Downstream’s adoption of has grown 40 percent over the past few years and is now being used by more than 10,000 employees, Shell Downstream’s CIO Craig Walker reports. Using Salesforce App Builder or Process Builder developers are building everything from customer portals to marketing and analytics services by fitting together application components like Lego pieces.

"The great thing about being a CIO right now is 10 years ago the business could dream of things but I couldn’t deliver," Walker said.

"Now you can mock up on Salesforce and ask, ‘Is this what you’re looking for?’" he added. "Forget coding, I can drag and drop a few things and someone can look at that data and say, ‘Wow, that tells me something I didn’t know.’"

Find out more about innovation at Shell Downstream and the impact of low-code strategies in the CIO story.


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