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Customer Success

Equestrian Apparel Brand Ariat Hits Its Stride with Data-Powered Insights and Automation from Salesforce

This week at Connections 2023, Ariat International will showcase how Salesforce is helping enable its marketing and customer service teams to strengthen personalized customer engagement and build brand loyalty. 

What’s the impact: The renowned manufacturer of innovative and award-winning performance footwear, apparel, and accessories for all outdoor and work environments is using centralized, data-driven insights powered by Salesforce to deliver personalized customer experiences. With real-time data from Data Cloud, Ariat can now capture and analyze customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions across various channels, like email, text, and chat.

Dive deeper: Ariat’s goal was to move forward with an increased focus on direct-to-consumer omnichannel shopping and create seamless customer experiences. The company is utilizing Salesforce to create a single customer record that will enable marketing teams to roll out more personalized messaging, while customer service teams can take a customer-centric approach to resolving issues. Salesforce is helping Ariat achieve its goals of continuing international expansion, direct-to-consumer and omni-channel expansion, and doubling down on new product lines. 

  • Commerce Cloud is Ariat’s customer-centric ecommerce platform that delivers deep consumer insights that empower Ariat to build and scale internationally.
  • By providing a deeper understanding of its customer base in a centralized platform, Marketing Cloud enables Ariat to send exclusive offers and personalized messages to customers across channels with real-time data. 
  • Service Cloud offers Ariat’s customers live chat or AI-powered chatbot capabilities from any device. Ariat’s service agents get a 360-degree view of every customer, which enables them to provide personalized experiences, and resolve issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Tableau empowers Ariat with data visualization tools to make more strategic and informed business decisions. 

The customer perspective: “As we continue to scale the business up and out, we are keeping our focus on our customers. Enhancing customer experiences requires a deep understanding of their journey with us, and Salesforce is helping Ariat access the data-driven awareness and insights that empower us to deliver outstanding customer experiences, wherever the customer engages with us.” – Ryan Bezenek, Vice President of IT, Ariat International  

The Salesforce perspective: “Ariat International was founded as ‘The New Breed of Boot,’ and was the first to integrate athletic footwear technology into boots for equestrian athletes. We want to keep Ariat competitive by helping them centralize marketing and customer service tools into a single platform that can fuel new direct-to-customer omnichannel shopping strategies while creating seamless customer experiences.” – Michael Affronti, GM and SVP of Commerce Cloud

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