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At its Connect Conference in London, MuleSoft Announces Anypoint Service Mesh

This week, at the MuleSoft Connect conference in London, MuleSoft announced new consumer research findings, and a new solution that simplifies how companies can discover, manage and secure microservices. Microservices are a way to rapidly build new customer experiences by exposing data and functionality as a collection of loosely coupled services.

Anypoint Service Mesh brings security and reliability to any microservices-based application, regardless of language or deployment model, freeing developers from custom code. Customers can also now publish and discover microservices in a marketplace, allowing developers across an organization to find and reuse them while IT maintains security and control. With this major new release of Anypoint Platform, companies can now fully realize the benefit of microservices to innovate faster, deliver differentiated customer experiences and increase operational efficiency. Find out more here, and register for a free webinar on Anypoint Service Mesh.

Also at the Connect conference, MuleSoft released a new global study that reveals four out of five consumers continue to receive disconnected experiences from organizations. As a result of this continued frustration, consumers are more willing than ever to seek out new service providers that can deliver connected, personalized experiences. Globally 82 percent of consumers believe organizations in at least one of the five sectors surveyed – banking, insurance, retail, healthcare and public sector – provide a disconnected experience, failing to recognize preferences across touchpoints and provide relevant information in a timely manner. This figure indicates a lack of improvement in customer experience (81% in 2018) and is pushing consumers to consider new service providers. Get the complete results from MuleSoft’s research here.

For more news from MuleSoft Connect, visit MuleSoft’s news center.


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