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AXA Luxembourg Embraces Customer-Centric Insurance Transformation with MuleSoft

AXA Luxembourg Embraces Customer-Centric Insurance Transformation with MuleSoft

Connects more than 15 systems to create a single view of the customer

Accelerates innovation with 30% faster integrations

Achieves 40% reuse across APIs

MuleSoft today announced that AXA Luxembourg, along with AXA Wealth Europe, is using MuleSoft to better serve its policyholders by taking a customer-centric approach to digital transformation. AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe are part of the multinational finance and insurance firm, AXA, which provides various insurance and wealth management services for individuals and businesses. Above all, AXA seeks to provide an outstanding customer service experience. With MuleSoft, AXA connected more than 15 different systems in a hybrid cloud environment, to unlock a single view of policyholders and accelerate customer experience innovation through 30% faster integrations.

“We want to be the number one preferred insurance company in Luxembourg, and digital agility is key to that in today’s economy,” said Oliver Vansteelandt, CIO, AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe. “The insurance industry has become much more commoditised as consumers have continued to switch to online self-service channels. To better serve our policyholders, we needed to seamlessly connect the multitude of systems, applications, and data that underpins customer experiences across the different lines of our business.”

Insuring the future with a composable approach

AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe previously enabled the connectivity between its systems and data using point-to-point integrations, which were inflexible, complex and costly to maintain, and limited digital agility. With MuleSoft, AXA embraced an API-led approach to become a more automated and composable enterprise, enabling developers to deliver faster innovation through reusable integrations and prebuilt templates.

AXA built six APIs to automate claims management, by connecting data across a variety of internal and external systems. This reduced operational costs by removing the need for teams to enter information into four different systems manually. The API-led approach was also much faster than the custom-code alternative. MuleSoft’s prebuilt API templates empowered AXA’s team to deliver the project in just 12 weeks, rather than the 18 weeks it would otherwise have taken.

Delivering personalised policyholder experiences

The prebuilt Salesforce Connectors within MuleSoft have also enabled AXA to develop a single view of its customers across departments, so it can enhance the policyholder experience. This enables service teams to increase customer satisfaction and deliver more personalised experiences.

Its composable enterprise strategy also helped AXA to launch a new customer portal to improve its customer service, by reusing the APIs it had built for previous projects. The new solution allows policyholders to access their contracts, documents, track their claims, and get reimbursements processed through a single interface, rather than needing to send documents or emails, which significantly improves their experience.

Creating a culture for innovation

AXA Luxembourg has accelerated its API-led transformation even further by creating a Center for Enablement, focused on encouraging other teams in the business to move beyond custom-coded integrations. This is enabling developers to deliver innovation 30% faster than before, with 40% of APIs being reused for future projects. Furthermore, other business teams at AXA are also able to consume and reuse the APIs created by central IT to deliver their own digital initiatives.

“We’re astounded by the increase in development speed and the level of automation we’ve achieved with MuleSoft,” continued Vansteelandt. “Teams no longer have to invest time in duplicative, manual work and our internal processes are so much faster than before. That gives us more time back for innovation, so we can deliver better experiences for policyholders and drive greater success for our business. With MuleSoft, we now have a single source of truth about all our policyholders, so we can offer more personalised journeys and enable our service teams to work far more efficiently.”

To read more about how AXA Luxembourg and AXA Wealth Europe are leveraging MuleSoft to deliver an outstanding customer service experience, read the case study here:

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