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With Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform, Manufacturing Systems Provider BACA Systems Doubles Sales Productivity

BACA Systems, a small business that produces equipment for the global natural stone industry, is using the Einstein 1 Platform, including Einstein 1 Sales and Service, to manage the entirety of its manufacturing process. 

At-a-glance: The BACA Systems sales team was spending too much time on manual tasks, including searching for prospect information, creating call summaries, and drafting emails. Reps also needed a way to better understand and service their clients, with a 360-degree view of their customers. 

The impact: BACA Systems moved its resource planning system to Salesforce, giving its sales team an extra edge in efficiency with generative AI powered by the Einstein 1 Platform. 

  • Since implementing Einstein 1 Sales, the company has seen a 2X increase in sales productivity. Sales AI automatically generates opportunity summaries with Prompt Builder so sellers can quickly understand a customer’s relationship with the company and offer the right personalized interaction, cutting their time spent on these tasks in half. 
  • Sales leaders now have greater visibility into their teams’ output with the ability to forecast and track sales, as well as receive alerts for at-risk opportunities. Einstein 1 Sales automatically follows up on opportunities that have gone silent using custom email prompts.
  • When a case closes, Service AI automatically summarizes support activity and emails it to the customer along with a survey to rate their overall experience. Sales reps review these summaries and use them to inform their conversations with future prospects.
  • BACA Systems set up a complete delivery management system by integrating AppExchange apps Bringg and Rootstock ERP with Salesforce. Now, BACA Systems has better control over its delivery operations with fewer errors and increased automation on previously manual tasks, such as creating and printing shipping labels, as well as tracking of all shipping records.
    • As a result, the company has saved between five and eight minutes per order and shipping activities have an accuracy rate of 99.9%. 
    • This time savings is equivalent to 15 work days per month, or the workload of one full-time employee. 

The BACA Systems perspective: “We’ve found combining Salesforce’s AI with the Einstein 1 Platform is a perfect recipe for success. It’s boosted our productivity and we are committed to continuing to integrate AI into our sales work because we see the results, both in sales growth and in how much the sales team loves using it.” – Andrew Russo, Enterprise Architect 

With Einstein 1 Sales, BACA Systems has been able to unify all of their data, simplify their tech stack, and unleash a productivity super cycle.

Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud

Salesforce perspective: “With Einstein 1 Sales, BACA Systems has been able to unify all of their data, simplify their tech stack, and unleash a productivity super cycle. Purpose-built Sales AI embedded in the flow of work has unlocked new opportunities of growth for their sales team.” – Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud 

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