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Business Intelligence for Today: Salesforce Explores How to Navigate in Our Data-Driven Environment

Salesforce participated in the Real Business Intelligence 2018 Summit at MIT June 27-28, with future-forward sessions showcasing how to manage business processes and data in a fully connected world.

In a session titled Scenarios for Navigating an Uncertain World, Peter Schwartz, Chief Futurist at Salesforce, outlined how, more than ever before, business is fraught with uncertainty. He recommended scenario planning and forecasting tools to manage risk and parse the choices that leaders must make. Watch a video excerpt here.

Good scenarios, Schwartz said, incorporate rigorous analysis, but are also driven by insightful imagination. They are not about getting the future exactly right, but about making better decisions today. Schwartz laid out the process involved in constructing and using scenarios, and highlighted examples of successful business use cases.

In the end, well-designed scenarios confront the mental maps that business leaders carry around about how the world works, he said. By challenging our mental maps, scenario planning helps evolve our perceptions about the future.

Following Peter Schwartz’s session, Keri Brooke, Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce, participated in a panel, What Does a Data Democracy Look Like? Moderated by Jim Ericson, Research Director, Dresner Advisory Services. The panel also included: Jay Heglar, Chief Strategy Officer, Domo; Mark Gambill, Chief Marketing Officer, MicroStrategy; and Michael Corcoran, Chief Marketing Officer, Information Builders. The panelists are seen below and a video excerpt is available here.

Brooke asserted that data democracy is a mix of liberty and governance with goals driven by leadership. The panel agreed that trust around data is the #1 priority and that businesses should be extremely open yet operate within specific frameworks that incorporate strict governance.

Watch the videos and learn more at @RealBIEvent and #realbievent.


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