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Real Estate Platform CREXi Boosts Sales Rep Productivity with Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform

The Commercial Real Estate Exchange, Inc., known as CREXi, is a marketplace and technology platform where brokers, buyers, and tenants lease, buy, and sell commercial real estate. Today, CREXi is using Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform to save time on administrative tasks and be more productive where it counts: building relationships with customers to grow revenue. 

The impact: In real estate, deals are made by meaningfully engaging with prospective buyers and sellers. Activities like drafting client emails, summarizing call notes, and conducting market research on comps are important to the sales process, but not the best use of a salesperson’s time. And, in today’s market, it’s more important than ever for agents to be able to make connections with potential and existing clients — especially as the commercial real estate market is projected to pick up in the second half of 2024. 

Dive deeper: CREXi found that getting to the critical stage of a potential deal, like a negotiation with a client, was taking significant lead-up time due to reps getting bogged down by monotonous tasks. The company turned to Salesforce to optimize its processes, and using sales automation and AI tools built natively into the Einstein 1 Platform, helped sales reps ‌save up to five hours a day by automating administrative tasks. Now, CREXi sales reps are able to focus 80% of their day on building relationships with customers.

  • Einstein 1 Sales is helping CREXi’s inside sales team move faster. Leaning into generative AI technology has cut down on writer’s block and time spent drafting outreach emails, so sales reps can focus on the conversation the customer wants to have. Einstein 1 Sales produces intelligence and insights based on historical data like contact, account, and business history so the team can identify patterns and close more deals. The company is democratizing this data across the team so everyone on the sales team can learn from one another and help close more deals. 
  • Salesforce’s generative AI capabilities act as an assistant to produce call summaries that are consistent across the team. Concise, structured recaps identify key takeaways and action items to increase efficiency. 

CREXi perspective: “Salesforce’s generative AI capabilities make the day-to-day easier for our sales teams by automating monotonous tasks and saving them time. You’re always going to need a person to have that relationship and build that rapport with the customer, and by leveraging AI, our sales team can focus their energy on their most impactful work.” – Cory Benz, Revenue Operations Manager

By leveraging AI, our sales team can focus their energy on their most impactful work. This is exactly the tool we need to scale our business.

Cory Benz, Revenue Operations Manager, CREXi

Salesforce perspective: “Establishing a strong data foundation can unlock AI for all sales teams. CREXi is leading the way in combining AI with data, boosting seller productivity and supporting the company’s growth. With Salesforce’s AI features integrated into their CRM, CREXi is helping teams automate sales tasks, strengthen relationships, and ultimately guide sellers to close.” – Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud

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