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Salesforce Launches AI-Powered Capabilities to Help Banks Quickly Resolve Transaction Disputes

AI-Powered Transaction Dispute Management streamlines the entire dispute process to resolve customer inquiries and requests more efficiently

Einstein Copilot Banking Actions automates time-consuming tasks like capturing and summarizing customer details, updating customer information, and personalizing email communications

Customers such as PenFed Credit Union and BayPort Credit Union use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to enhance customer interactions and improve employee productivity 

Salesforce today launched new AI-powered capabilities, built on the Einstein 1 Platform, to help banks handle transaction disputes more quickly and efficiently. 

The capabilities, which include Transaction Dispute Management and Einstein Copilot Banking Actions, combine transaction data from banking platforms with customer data from Salesforce to automate manual tasks, reduce errors, resolve issues, and improve customer communications, all from a single platform.  

Why it matters: A surge in digital payments and online shopping has fueled a rise in customer chargebacks. Last year, Americans disputed $83 billion in charges, with the cost of handling disputes increasing by 16% compared to 2022 – and it continues to rise. Current approaches for managing disputes are complicated, resulting in frustrated customers and significant financial losses for businesses.

Innovation in action: These new AI-powered financial services capabilities will help resolve transaction disputes more efficiently and boost service agent productivity through:

  • AI-Powered Transaction Dispute Management that helps bank service agents streamline the entire dispute management cycle – from the time a dispute is submitted until its resolution – while enabling more transparent and consistent communications with customers, card networks, merchants, and issuer banks. Now, bank agents can use prebuilt email prompt templates and generative AI to draft personalized customer emails related to dispute activity — such as acknowledging and notifying outcomes — all within their flow of work. Integrations with card networks will also provide connected workflows to simplify coordination with merchants.
AI-Powered Transaction Disputes enables bank agents to draft personalized customer emails and close cases faster.
  • Einstein Copilot Banking Actions, a conversational AI assistant for CRM that enables bank service agents to ask questions and receive trusted, relevant responses grounded in metadata, and automate tasks directly in the flow of work. For example, instead of having to hop between multiple systems and applications, a bank agent can simply ask Einstein Copilot to initiate actions like triggering a fee reversal request for a disputed transaction, issuing a provisional credit, or pulling a list of recent customer transactions – saving time and resources. Actions are taken without sacrificing data governance because they are all run within the guardrails of the Einstein Trust Layer, the secure AI architecture built on the Einstein 1 Platform that allows teams to generate higher-quality results by grounding responses with customer data without compromising on privacy and security standards.
Einstein Copilot Banking Actions deploys assistive experiences powered by AI prompts and actions, guiding bank service agents through common banking service processes with automation. 
  • Service Processes Library, which spans an expansive list of prebuilt service process templates in Financial Services Cloud for common banking use cases, including  transaction disputes, fee reversals, and card replacements. For example, if a customer loses a credit card, agents can use the “Reissue or Replace” process from the library to initiate faster reporting of lost or stolen cards and automatically trigger a request for replacement. Salesforce will continue expanding the library and include additional templates around managing credit limits and requesting tax documents. 

High-quality AI requires high-quality data and insights: All of these new features are fueled by data from Data Cloud, allowing banks to unlock and unify large-scale transaction records from core financial platforms, data lakes, and custom systems to deliver more accurate responses. Additionally, the Vector Database in Salesforce helps ingest, manage, and store unstructured data – like policy documents, PDFs, and HTML documents — leading to more comprehensive generative AI outputs. Bank service agents will be able to access relevant transaction data in a centralized view, including the status of various customer disputes, to resolve them fast.

Salesforce perspective: “The current process for managing transaction disputes is complex and cumbersome, leading to decreased productivity for bank service agents. These new capabilities simplify and streamline the entire transaction dispute cycle, enabling banks to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive innovation across their business.” – Eran Agrios, SVP & GM for Financial Services

These new capabilities simplify and streamline the entire transaction dispute cycle, enabling banks to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive innovation across their business.

Eran Agrios, SVP & GM for Financial Services

Customer perspective: 

  • “Through our partnership with Salesforce, we’re able to better serve our 2.9 million members — whether they’re home, on the road, or abroad. Thanks to AI and data, our service agents can have a single view of member data, enabling them to provide personalized support and help members ultimately achieve their financial goals.” – Nicole LaCamp, VP Operations Strategy Integration, PenFed Credit Union 
  • “Looking to the future, we’re really excited about Data Cloud and what it can do for us. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Salesforce to address a number of our most important use cases, like tracking member attrition.” – Ira Williams, Chief Retail Officer, BayPort Credit Union 


  • AI-Powered Transaction Dispute Management is generally available today.
  • Services Processes Library is generally available with 19 processes today, including Transaction Dispute Management.
  • Einstein Copilot Banking Actions will be generally available in fall 2024.
  • Data Cloud is generally available today.
  • Vector Database will be generally available in summer 2024.


  • Access to Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and more is included with Financial Services Cloud – Einstein 1 for Service and Sales Editions.
  • MuleSoft Direct for Financial Services Cloud is available as an add-on to all Financial Services Cloud editions.
  • For more information on pricing, click here.

More Information:

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Any unreleased services or features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.


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