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Goosehead Insurance Adopts the Einstein 1 Platform, Unlocking Stronger Customer Relationships and Increased Productivity

Goosehead Insurance, an independent personal lines insurance agency, is now using the Einstein 1 Platform to build deeper client relationships and improve productivity with trusted data and AI from Salesforce.

At-a-glance: Goosehead is focused on reducing barriers and unlocking their large datasets to adequately manage their growing business. The insurance company invested in the Einstein 1 Platform to unify Goosehead data from various systems and consolidate it together under one umbrella for use in a variety of applications. With Salesforce, Goosehead can service policyholders more efficiently and effectively with industry-leading innovations like its direct-to-consumer quoting platform, which gives customers quotes on new insurance policies in under two minutes. 

The impact: By integrating Salesforce solutions, the company will empower agents to be more productive, delivering more timely, personalized experiences and better business outcomes. This is especially important during time-sensitive situations common to the property and casualty marketplace, for example, in the aftermath of a severe weather event or car accident. Goosehead’s new service capabilities include:

  • Enhanced analytics: By leveraging Tableau across the organization, Goosehead will significantly enhance its analytical capabilities. This tool will help automate the identification of clients at risk of non-renewal, providing them with timely, actionable data. Moreover, Tableau will enable Goosehead to delve deeper into their carrier portfolio, identifying market trends and extracting insights that are critical for strategic decision-making. These enhanced analytics will be instrumental in advancing the business and maintaining their competitive edge.
  • Deeper industry integrations: MuleSoft helps Goosehead integrate with over 150 carriers and partners in the insurance market, providing the connectivity, management, and visibility needed to harmonize data from multiple external parties.
  • Customized quoting: Goosehead’s internal tool, Aviator, developed using Heroku, offers agents highly customizable policy quote comparisons. With Aviator, quote generation time has been reduced by 80%.

AI benefits on the horizon: 

  • Speedier response recommendations: With Einstein AI-generated responses grounded in Goosehead’s trusted data, agents will soon be able to receive relevant recommendations to more quickly resolve customer cases. And, Einstein for Service will automatically store context from voice interactions, such as client calls, alongside client data records to keep an ongoing log for agents to be able to efficiently reference previous communications. 

The Goosehead perspective: “At Goosehead Insurance, we lead with innovation and offer unparalleled customer experiences. Goosehead’s investment in the Einstein 1 Platform will further enhance the Aviator platform and help our agents provide even more comprehensive insurance solutions for deeper engagement with our clients and improved productivity.” Brim Basom, Managing Director of Technology and Innovation, Goosehead Insurance

By harnessing the power of CRM, trusted data, and AI, agents gain a complete view of their accounts, enabling their policyholders to cultivate stronger, personalized relationships with customers.

Eran Agrios, SVP & GM, Financial Services, Salesforce

Salesforce perspective: “Our longstanding partnership with Goosehead Insurance demonstrates our joint commitment to fostering innovation in the insurance industry and empowering agents to work more efficiently. By harnessing the power of CRM, trusted data, and AI, agents gain a complete view of their accounts, enabling their policyholders to cultivate stronger, personalized relationships with customers.” – Eran Agrios, SVP & GM, Financial Services, Salesforce

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