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Growing and Diversifying the Salesforce Ecosystem with the Salesforce Talent Alliance

IDC estimates that the demand for Salesforce talent will grow to 4.2 million new jobs by 2024. To help bring new Trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem, we need to work together with our partners to build a diverse workforce that is not only highly skilled, but that reflects society around the globe.

Talent Alliance

Getting there is a three step process: we must inspire people to pursue Salesforce careers, secure employer commitment to hiring this new talent and ensure employers and job seekers have opportunities to connect and network with each other. That’s why we’re excited to launch the Salesforce Talent Alliance: an initiative that connects partners to job candidates trained on Salesforce and brings new talent into the fast-growing ecosystem.

The Talent Alliance builds on the great work that’s already happening across our ecosystem to cultivate more diverse Salesforce talent. Through our online learning platform, Trailhead, we offer training and reskilling opportunities with programs like Pathfinder and Salesforce Military. And Salesforce collaborates with a number of workforce development organizations around the world to certify candidates with Salesforce skills. 

However, training is just the first step to building a future-ready workforce—we also want to help these candidates land their first job in the ecosystem as a Salesforce professional. That’s where the Salesforce Talent Alliance comes in. Here’s what Talent Alliance partners pledge to: 

Hiring Net-New Salesforce Talent

Members of the Talent Alliance commit to expanding our ecosystem by dedicating 20% of annual hiring within their Salesforce practices to new Salesforce professionals. This refers to anyone with less than six months of Salesforce experience, which includes new grads, career changers, reskillers and individuals coming out of workforce development organizations.  

Automatic Interviews for Salesforce Training Programs

As a part of the Alliance, organizations guarantee interviews for location aligned, certified individuals from Salesforce training programs, like Salesforce Military and Pathfinder. Salesforce Military trains veterans, military spouses and active duty service members in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia; and Pathfinder trains individuals regardless of background, demographics and socioeconomic status across Indianapolis, San Francisco and London. 

Committing to Inclusive Hiring Practices

Becoming part of the Talent Alliance represents a commitment to building a diverse workforce that reflects the communities that companies serve. Partners that join the Talent Alliance pledge to remove bias in job descriptions and standardize interview processes through competency based interview questions.

Join the Salesforce Talent Alliance

To date, nearly 200 Salesforce partners from 40 countries have joined the Talent Alliance, and that number grows each day. We are proud to support our Talent Alliance partners by providing connections to Trailblazer talent, certification vouchers for continued learning, priority registration for career events, opportunities to co-brand with the Talent Alliance, and recognition through the Partner Program.

Learn more and register for the Talent Alliance at