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HarmonyCares Doubles Down on Patient Scheduling with Salesforce, Taps Health Cloud for New Platform

In-home healthcare provider HarmonyCares has selected Salesforce Health Cloud to scale its Care Management and Engagement Center after the success of its Complete Health Assessment (CHA), a scheduling platform enhanced by Salesforce Field Service that makes it easier for patients to schedule visits. 

Why it matters: HarmonyCares is one of the largest providers of in-home physician services for older adults and patients with chronic medical conditions in the United States. Partnering with Salesforce has improved accessibility for patients and group members who are often high-risk, in-home patients that need priority care and support services. 

What’s the impact: Since launching its original platform with Salesforce, HarmonyCares has seen a 50% increase in self-scheduling, improving patient scheduling interactions with a more efficient, streamlined process. The implementation has also helped the organization increase face-to-face visits with patients, assisting the organization’s continued efforts to improve patient outcomes and quality, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, minimize hospital re-admissions, and increase patient satisfaction and engagement.

What’s next: This year, HarmonyCares is expanding its Salesforce footprint. By leveraging the power of Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform and Health Cloud, HarmonyCares will create a unified platform with better access to actionable data, streamlined processes, and increased collaboration between providers and care teams.

Customer perspective: 

  • “At HarmonyCares, we understand that the care we provide to each patient must be personalized. Salesforce helps us approach patient engagement and the management of the care journey in a way that enables us to optimize every touchpoint with our patients.” – Kristin Darby, Chief Information Officer
  • “Salesforce allowed us to increase our operational efficiencies by reducing the amount of systems we were using by more than 50%. This also helped us impact employee satisfaction with both our outreach team and our providers.” – Kathy Lyall, VP – Specialty Programs & Operations

Salesforce perspective: “We are laser focused on helping customers like HarmonyCares improve and scale patient engagement experiences. Now, as HarmonyCares embarks on personalizing the care journey for its patients, we couldn’t be more thrilled they’ve selected Salesforce Health Cloud to assist with this latest implementation that will work to expand and scale care management initiatives.” – Amit Khanna, SVP & GM for Health 

We are laser focused on helping customers like HarmonyCares improve and scale patient engagement experiences.

Amit Khanna, SVP & GM for Health 

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