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Highlights from Salesforce’s TrailheaDX Event in San Francisco

Salesforce’s TrailheaDX ’19 event took place this week in San Francisco, and even if you did not attend, don’t miss these announcements and highlights:

Blockchain Announcement

Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Blockchain, a declarative blockchain platform that enables organizations to securely share data and collaborate across a network of partners. Salesforce Blockchain extends the power of CRM with new levels of trust, transparency and traceability. In this blog post, you can find detailed examples of how Salesforce Blockchain can provide unprecedented solutions.

Lightning Web Components Announcement

Salesforce has been involved with open source since its earliest days and every year, we contribute to hundreds of projects. Today, we took a significant step forward in this journey by open sourcing Lightning Web Components, our standards-based UI framework that makes it easy for millions of developers to build apps on the Lightning Platform. Open sourcing Lightning Web Components significantly extends its reach by empowering developers to build on the development stack of their choice.

Open Source Q&A

In conjunction with our announcement of Lightning Web Components being open sourced, we caught up with Chris Kelly, who leads Salesforce’s open source initiatives (and has extensive experience in open source from his time at GitHub and having co-founded TODO Group), to learn more about why companies with big investments in software or hardware should get involved in open source. Don’t miss the interview here.

What is blockchain and how can it help [build trust]?” asked Salesforce Co-Founder Parker Harris after explaining how blockchain technology is distributed, verified, and secure during the opening keynote address. “Implementing blockchain is hard,” he conceded. “But what I love about Salesforce is that we take complex technologies, like blockchain, and make them super, super easy.” Get all the highlights from the opening keynote address here and top 10 moments from TrailheaDX ’19 here.

Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM of Trailhead and Developer Relations, speaking at the keynote.

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