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How Salesforce AppExchange Partners are Innovating to Help Customers Combat COVID-19

Partners have always been a critical part of the Salesforce ecosystem—by building solutions on the Salesforce platform and listing them on AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, they extend the power of Salesforce to customers around the world and across industries. In response to COVID-19, our partners have been quick to innovate in order to meet the needs of their customers, employees and communities during the crisis.

These innovations can be found on the AppExchange COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page—a dedicated resource page with more than 65 solutions built by partners or Salesforce Labs designed to help customers navigate this challenging time across categories including business continuity, healthcare and life sciences, team collaboration, customer support and crisis communications. This is an evolving resource, with new solutions and categories being continuously added.

Keep reading for insight into some of the tools currently available in the AppExchange COVID-19 Resources for Businesses.

Business Continuity: Solutions to Keep Your Business Running

Protecting business operations and functions during a crisis is crucial for companies across industries. Solutions in this category are designed to give customers visibility into the current state of their business, enable them to create continuity plans, mitigate security risks and set up systems to effectively backup data. They include:

  • Lifeguard Solutions COVID-19 Response Kit: An enterprise solution specifically formulated to help with COVID-19 mitigation that’s built to enable customers to manage enterprise risk, help reduce the likelihood of safety incidents and compliance violations, and aspires to enhance productivity by reducing manual and redundant business processes. Learn more about how Lifeguard Solutions is combatting COVID-19 here.
  • Salesforce Labs Crisis Response Application: Enables companies to respond to and manage a crisis in their community (pandemic, natural disaster, organizational events, etc.) to support employee well-being and business continuity.

Healthcare & Life Sciences: Solutions for Those on the Frontlines

For companies in the healthcare industry, engaging with members of their communities is key to building trust, especially during this time of constant change. Whether trying to engage patients, health insurance members, customers or employees, solutions in this category are built to empower healthcare providers with the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with internal and external audiences, and to make quick decisions with digital tools. They include:

  • SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce: Live video support with AR and AI for customers, technicians and providers, allowing users to escalate conversations to video calls so the user’s teams can see what customers, technicians and patients see. Includes functionality to support healthcare professionals in making remote diagnoses and fast problem resolution.
  • Geneia’s Theon Platform: Supports physician organizations, hospitals and healthcare systems needing to quickly assess and triage patients seeking COVID-19 information, resources and care. Learn more about how Geneia is helping physician practices and hospitals here.

Team Collaboration: Solutions for Working Remotely

With many non-essential workers now working from home globally, collaboration and communication tools have never been more important for keeping teams aligned. Solutions in this category aim to provide companies with the ability to supply employees with necessary information and support, and give customers tools to put processes in place to run their businesses virtually. They include:

  • DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce: Designed to help companies send, sign, track and save agreements in Salesforce with convenience of signing anytime, anywhere on almost any device.
  • Conga Composer: Built with the goal of making document generation fast, accessible and accurate from any device to help companies save time, cut costs, and scale.

Customer Support: Solutions to Help Meet Customer Needs

In today’s climate, it is imperative for companies to expedite their digital transformations. Often, the entire customer journey begins and ends online—and solutions in this category give companies tools to build remote call centers for effective communication and help increase their capacity for handling higher support case volume. They include:

  • NICE inContact CXone Omnichannel: Provides a call center solution designed to unify the agent experience within Sales and Service Cloud to increase agent efficiency, enabling an improved customer experience. Click here to learn more about how they’re helping customers across the U.S. save lives, from the United Way of Connecticut to Trupanion in Seattle.
  • RingCentral for Salesforce: Built to enhance CRM experiences by integrating cloud business communications to improve workforce productivity, increasing call efficiency and enhancing customer interaction.

Crisis Communications: Solutions to Engage with Customers and Employees

During this time of crisis, keeping customers and employees informed is crucial. Solutions in this category provide companies with tools to help them securely and effectively communicate with their communities. In addition, these solutions can help companies get real-time customer feedback. They include:

  • SMS Magic Business Messaging: Supports multi-channel messaging and automated, interactive conversations through integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, all with an eye towards making it easier to engage promising business leads.
  • GetFeedback Surveys for Salesforce: Allows customers to build mobile-friendly surveys, automatically send surveys after customer interactions, and sync response data into Salesforce.

Be sure to keep an eye on the AppExchange COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page for updated partner-built solutions and content that can help businesses transform in response to COVID-19.

Solutions are provided by the partners indicated above. Each customer should undertake its own evaluation of the solutions to determine whether they are suitable for their specific business needs. For more information on these partner solutions, visit the applicable partner’s AppExchange listing.


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