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Practicing Earth Kindness: How Salesforce Employees Are Honoring Earth Month

Volunteer planting in a garden

At Salesforce, we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder, and this passion extends to our employee resource groups (known as Equality Groups). 

Earthforce is an Equality Group dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility. The group celebrates Earth Month each April by sharing ways to practice “Earth Kindness”, and how others can too. 

Here’s what our Earthforce members had to say: 

Rohan Nijhawan, Software Engineer, dove right into Earthforce by joining the leadership team, and has been focused on making a difference ever since. 

Patti Guobadia, Senior Success Guide, credits her newfound interest in planet caretaking with how much time she spent outdoors this past year.

When it comes to practicing Earth Kindness, anyone can make a difference by doing little things everyday. Sammi Pang, Manager, offers her tips:

Earthforce also asked Salesforce employees to share their thoughts on Earth Day 2021 — including why it’s important: 

Dive deeper by watching this on-demand webinar with Earthforce members where they discuss easy, actionable ways to live more sustainably. 

Salesforce Equality Groups are dedicated to making a difference and driving change both in and out of the workplace. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our Equality page.

Join us for an on-demand webinar with Earthforce members, as they discuss easy, actionable ways to live more sustainably. 


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