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In Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Every Company Must Now Also Become a Digital Health Company

As organizations invested in digital transformation over the years, their primary objective was shared across almost every effort. The aim was to shift their organizations from analog, legacy, and aging systems and processes to more efficient, modern, and agile digital companies. COVID-19 is only accelerating the need for these outcomes as customers are increasingly becoming digital-first and employees are forced to work from home. At the same time, this global pandemic is introducing yet another chapter of transformation for organizations everywhere. In addition to becoming digital, COVID-19 is introducing the need for companies to also become digital health companies.

As the world opens up, with new and evolving precautions, businesses too are starting to open at varying levels and speeds. The one thing they all share is the necessity to do so thoughtfully and safely while following health guidelines. Most organizations weren’t leading authorities when it came to digital transformation. The same is true for digital health. And, it’s become an imperative to successfully reopen and operate during this co-existence with a live virus. The health, welfare, and wellness of employees and customers are paramount and no scenario of risk should go unconsidered.

In a recent article published by Fast Company, I explored areas of importance for executives to examine as they open again for business.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Appoint “health leadership” and form a “board of experts” to expertly guide you through uncharted territory, safely and efficiently, while ensuring preparedness on all fronts.
  • Become a “digital health” company by establishing a digital command center to track employee and customer behaviors and on-site, local, and overall COVID-19 trends and hotspots; define data sources and seek to establish a single source of employee and customer truth to drive better decisions and engagement.
  • Reimagine work, workspaces and flow to promote safe workplaces while optimizing work and also creating delightful experiences along the way.

“Becoming a digital health company is good for business, and it’s good for people. Not only does it leave an organization prepared for operating in disruptive environments; it sends a message to the market that the organization is resilient and innovative.”

Having a sense of urgency for a unified, careful, and empathetic response is the key to getting this right. More so, it helps leaders demonstrate to employees and customers that their health, wellbeing, and experiences are of top concern. These actions communicate empathy and a more meaningful set of value propositions that will earn trust and favorability as we lead through change together.

Think of the Fast Company article as a checklist to help your company get back to work safely and successfully. Beyond reopening, establishing health leadership is instrumental in ensuring the long-term health and wellness of your organization.

While there’s much to consider moving forward, there’s also a wealth of resources available to help you along your journey to becoming a digital health company. After all, what more noble cause is there than caring for employees and customers in your business?

For more on this topic, hear from Dr. Agus on why the new role of Chief Health Officer will be critical for companies and what that role will entail.


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