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Iron Mountain Uses the Einstein 1 Platform to Increase Agent Productivity and Unify Data

Today, Salesforce shared that Iron Mountain is using the Einstein 1 Platform to consolidate its systems into one 360-degree solution to make data more actionable by being baked seamlessly into the flow of work.   

Why it matters: Iron Mountain is a global information management services company that serves more than 225,000 organizations around the world, including 95% of the Fortune 1000. With a mission to protect and elevate the power of its customers’ work and with a customer base of this size and scale, providing an exceptional customer experience is a top priority.

At-a-glance: Despite having massive amounts of customer data, Iron Mountain’s service agents couldn’t easily access it or use it meaningfully to address customer requests. Agents had to switch between multiple apps and databases to gather enough data for customer inquiries. Plus, the order process was manual and information was located across numerous places, forcing agents to go back and forth between systems. 

The impact: Iron Mountain turned to Salesforce technology to improve agents’ experience. It helped the company:

  • Close Cases Faster: Using Einstein 1 Service generative AI to automatically write personalized case replies based on past cases and the knowledge base, agents can more quickly find the relevant information to close out cases.
  • Reduce Admin Work: Agents can also move on from a case more quickly, thanks to Work Summaries powered by Einstein 1 Service. When a case is complete, Einstein 1 Service automatically generates a summary based on the case data, conversation, and transcript history, reducing the administrative load that agents previously managed.
  • Integrate Workflows: Iron Mountain uses the Einstein 1 Platform to pull the right data for each case. This helps generate the right responses from AI and fully integrates their service workflows directly in Service Cloud. Behind the scenes, connected data fuels an improved experience for service agents. MuleSoft brings together account, billing, and engagement data all in one place, so that orders can be automated and service agents have a holistic view of each customer.

Fast facts:

  • 83% of Iron Mountain agents reported saving time with generative AI assistance
  • 80% of responses led to a closed case
  • The company saw an 8% reduction in repeat calls
  • With automation routing, chat abandonment rates decreased by 70% 

Iron Mountain perspective: “Salesforce Einstein has brought greater consistency to our customers’ experience and saved our agents’ time. Leveraging the power of the Einstein 1 Platform has helped us address many of our biggest pain points. The increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction is a combination that is driving increased revenue.” – Josh Langley, CIO 

Einstein’s ability to integrate and provide generative AI in multiple ways brings automation across the process, saving time and enhancing customer service.

Kishan Chetan, EVP and GM of Service Cloud

Salesforce perspective: “Our customized solutions for Iron Mountain moved them from a disjointed process to a streamlined experience that’s better for both the agents and customers. Einstein’s ability to integrate and provide generative AI in multiple ways brings automation across the process, saving time and enhancing customer service.” – Kishan Chetan, EVP and GM of Service Cloud 

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