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Stakeholder Capitalism

‘Keep Moving, Keep Learning, Keep Adjusting”: PayPal’s Dan Schulman on “The Inflection Point”

Monica Langley and Dan Schulman headshot

Quick Take: Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal, joined “The Inflection Point,” hosted by Monica Langley, EVP, Salesforce, to talk about homelessness, companies with a mission, and the wisdom from his father that keeps him moving — and learning.

What’s the Impact: Schulman’s unique upbringing led to his company-wide initiatives to benefit employees, non-profits, and numerous social causes.

What he’s saying: 

  • “I don’t remember much of my mom pushing me in a baby carriage at Civil Rights marches. I remember my dad telling me he was worried I’d be the youngest person to ever have their picture in an FBI file. We’re defined by not what we say, but what we do. And that stuck with me…this idea of social justice.”
  • “What is important is that all companies and all leaders of these companies stand up and lean into issues that face us as a global society and as a global economy. We each can do something that can make a difference and we have a moral obligation to do that.”
  • “I think we just need to keep moving, keep adjusting, keep learning all the time. And I think the best way to learn is to listen a lot. One of my favorite quotes from my dad was, ‘you’re born with two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionately.’”

Go Deeper: To see the full interview with Dan Schulman, watch “The Inflection Point” here. Catch up on all the episodes from Season 1.


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