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The New Normal

Salesforce’s Scenarios Planning Team on the Latest COVID-19 Scenarios

scenarios team

COVID-19 has thrust all of us into a realm where our carefully honed expertise and judgment suddenly feels inadequate, and we’ve all had to make difficult choices in the past several months. As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, business leaders everywhere face huge challenges as they seek to safely steer their organizations through the crisis. What if they, and you, had guidance to help you navigate this environment with confidence?

Working with a team of experts, leading futurist and Salesforce’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, Peter Schwartz, and Salesforce’s Scenarios Planning Team, have created powerful scenario-planning tools to help leaders respond to these issues. By highlighting the main public health, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of the current situation, Schwartz and team have been able to define scenarios for where we will all go from here.

Regain confidence in spite of today’s unprecedented uncertainty with the latest Salesforce COVID-19 Scenarios, mapped out by renowned futurist Peter Schwartz and his team — Mick Costigan, Noah Flower, and Angela Gleason. 

Get their insights on the scenarios, and watch a video, here.


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