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Leading Edge Marketers Drive Results with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360

Marketers are still struggling to meet customers in the moment with the right content at the right time and on the right channels. In fact, real-time customer engagement ranks as both the top priority for marketers and their top marketing challenge, according to Salesforce Research. The integration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 addresses this challenge, empowering marketers to better analyze campaign performance across different channels, understand how their marketing influences website activity and launch marketing campaigns within Marketing Cloud that resonate with specific audiences built in Analytics 360.

Many of our customers are experiencing the benefits of the integration to drive meaningful results. For example, Travel Money Oz, Australia’s leading currency exchange company, has turned to the integration to re-engage customers that have abandoned their shopping carts. By building highly personalized email campaigns in Marketing Cloud that have been enriched with audience data from Analytics 360, Travel Money Oz has been able to boost email open rates by more than 2.5x. In addition, click through rates hit 10x the average for the business, driving substantial incremental revenue for Travel Money Oz.

This is just one of the many exciting stories that we have to share today. Here are a few more:

Rakuten OverDrive maintains customer service excellence with marketing insights

Rakuten OverDrive is the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools around the world, delivering the industry’s largest catalog of eBooks, audiobooks and other digital media to more than 40,000 libraries and schools in 70 countries.

For Rakuten OverDrive’s Manager of Business Systems and Analytics Christopher Moody and his team, the focus has been to maintain the best customer relationships possible. “Because of Rakuten OverDrive’s position as a market leader, we need to ensure we’re delivering the best in customer satisfaction,” says Christopher. To do that, the Rakuten OverDrive team set out to improve the company’s marketing efforts by implementing Marketing Cloud in 2017. With Marketing Cloud, Rakuten OverDrive has been able to understand how its customers are engaging with different marketing touchpoints including email messages.

Last June, Rakuten OverDrive began to use Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 together. Since then, the team has been able to better understand its users’ digital communications preferences. For example, the integration has provided Rakuten OverDrive with a useful way to assess the efficacy of a weekly newsletter to library partners. The Analytics 360 integration gave Rakuten OverDrive the visibility to understand that librarians who engaged with the weekly communication were going to the Rakuten OverDrive website and finding great content for their patrons. After analysis, it was proven that the newsletter was serving a primary partner need that was as a result, optimized.

“We can now view Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 data in one place, which allows us to see how librarians are experiencing our communications, and how they are navigating throughout their entire journey from opening an email to going to our website. That’s where we start seeing real, meaningful conversions and not just clicks. The integration is a big game-changer for us as we continue to improve customer satisfaction and focus on meeting the needs of our partners and patrons,” says Christopher.

Budget Direct experiences big productivity gains with Analytics 360 data in Marketing Cloud

Founded in 2000, Budget Direct offers car, home, contents and travel insurance products direct to customers throughout Australia. Budget Direct’s CRM Manager Stephen Hughes and his team have been turning to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to power marketing campaigns for some time. But, they were always missing the web engagement data within the Salesforce platform. Combining marketing campaign results from Salesforce and data from Analytics 360 was a manual effort.

“The Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 integration makes it quicker and easier to assess the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, and has improved our team’s overall efficiency. We can now see key email marketing metrics alongside key web behavior metrics, which is a great way to show what is working in a campaign, and if there are any opportunities to optimize it.” Stephen and his team can now easily see trends on conversion, which was previously time consuming to identify. Speed to insight is now faster for Budget Direct, making it easier to analyze the performance of Marketing Cloud campaigns such as personalized email messages with specific offers to customers.

Budget Direct has always been a data driven and customer centric business. With this integration, it can further enable that focus through the ease of accessing Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 data in a single platform. As a result, the combined email and online customer journey data is considered more frequently than it was before. measures marketing results for the first time with the plug and play integration is the world’s largest commercial provider of online memorials and obituaries. Founded in 1998, the site attracts more than 30 million unique visitors per month and is one of the top 40 most trafficked websites in the world. Customers use to post obituaries (directly and via popular newspapers), find funeral homes, send flowers, and seek advice and support in times of grief. The site features a comments and condolences section for each obituary, and shares timely messages to users notifying them of relevant information.

In 2018,’s Director of Customer Activation Michael Beck and his team implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud in order to manage and automate communications with an ever-growing user base, including email marketing messages such as abandoned cart notifications, anniversary reminders of a loved one’s passing and more. Soon after, started to use the Analytics 360 integration to augment its marketing efforts. “We have been able to organize and tap into hundreds of millions of customer records, boost return website visitors and improve attribution measurement. We can now truly understand how all of our marketing channels are performing and are influencing website activity in order to invest appropriately,” says Michael.

The integration has been able to give visibility into how valuable the email marketing channel is for the business, proving how influential the communications is in driving traffic to the company website and securing customer interested in different offerings. is also able to identify exactly who it should be engaging with versus spending time on potential customers that may not be interested in its services.

In just six months, the results have been outstanding for More than 100,000 new subscribers now come to the website per month. has also seen a 10x increase in revenue from marketing emails, and can definitively say that about five percent of all transactions made on the site come from Marketing Cloud-powered emails. “With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 plug and play integration, is experiencing unprecedented incremental six-figure revenue growth,” says Michael.


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