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Stakeholder Capitalism

Marc Benioff and Ray Dalio: It’s Time to Advance Ocean Exploration and Protection

Today is the 10th Annual World Oceans Day, which brings with it a global confluence of ocean-awareness events intended to bring our oceans the level of attention they deserve. Marking the day, in a co-authored commentary for WIRED, Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff and Ray Dalio, Founder and Co-Chairman of hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, are calling attention to our oceans. The commentary, titled “It’s Time for the Next Wave of Ocean Exploration and Protection,” is available here.

“As we both have had the opportunity to explore a fair amount of our globe’s seas, on this occasion, we’d like to share our excitement and our vision for the future,” Benioff and Dalio write. “We believe ocean exploration is much more exciting and more important than space exploration. Yet it only receives about one-one hundredth as much funding. We want to change that by showing people the ecosystems and underwater habitats across the globe that are brimming with unexplored environments filled with species that have evolved in ways we cannot possibly imagine.”

Benioff and Dalio emphasize that exploring our oceans is key to protecting them. “We must embrace ocean exploration in the same way President Kennedy inspired the nation when he called for man to land on the moon,” they write. “We’ve spent 65 years since that moonshot pledge looking up at the stars, while the oceans and all the wonders and creations they hold are sitting right at our feet, waiting to be discovered.”

“Our goal is to revive the Jacques Cousteau moment,” say Benioff and Dalio, “creating one big wave of excitement and interest among the public in what lies beneath the waterline—because we know that if humans explore our oceans, we will love them, and if we love them, we will protect them.”

Benioff is also the founder of the Benioff Ocean Initiative at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Dalio is the founder of the OceanX initiative.


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