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Marc Benioff Discusses the Power of Bringing Salesforce and MuleSoft Together

Salesforce’s acquisition of MuleSoft will allow the companies to pull and integrate data together from multiple sources into one platform for a “single view of the customer,” said Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff at the Mulesoft CONNECT 2018 conference in San Jose, Calif., today.

Benioff and MuleSoft CEO Greg Schott spoke about the power of integration in a fireside chat at the conference. A video replay of the event is available.

“The key to digital transformation is it begins and ends with the customer, and you can see that in the minds of every CEO. When we talk to them they lay out all the assets they need to bring to bear to build a single view of the customer, to get this transformation to happen, it’s heterogenous,” Benioff said. “How do you bring all of that information together and deliver a single view of the user if you have a massively heterogeneous environment that’s getting more heterogeneous, not less? And the way you are going to that is with Anypoint. That’s the power of MuleSoft’s strategy, and coupling that with our Customer Success Platform is very powerful.”

MuleSoft’s capabilities at integrating apps will help Salesforce customers unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices, the executives said. Salesforce is committed to maintaining MuleSoft’s neutrality, Benioff said, noting the importance of Salesforce working with many partners across different industries.

“Neutrality is critical to your strategy and it’s always been critical to Salesforce’s strategy as well. Look at Salesforce. What other company has relationships with Amazon, Google, IBM, with every major company in the industry?” Benioff said. “Our customers demand it because they are working with those companies. How else are we going to be connected and able to tap into everything that’s going on in their architectures? So, of course, that is critical to both of our future strategies. It’s always been true at Salesforce, and it’s always been true at Mulesoft, and it will continue to be true. That’s why I love the platform called Anypoint. If you are going to build an integration cloud, which is our dream, and we are going to help motivate these digital transformations, then we have to do that with a base of connecting to everything, no bias.”

"If we’re going to deliver our vision for the future, you have to have the best integration platform and the best integration cloud in the world, and that’s why this has always been a great match,” Benioff said. “Our two platforms are stronger and better together. That is why Salesforce acquired Mulesoft. And I hope that customers agree that this is a compelling vision for the future.”

MuleSoft represents Salesforce’s largest acquisition to date. The company has about 1,200 employees and is based in San Francisco, as is Salesforce.

The MuleSoft CONNECT conference brings together CIOs, IT leaders and developers to discuss integration of application networks. More information on the Salesforce acquisition of MuleSoft, including a FAQ, is available on Salesforce Newsroom.


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