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MuleSoft announces partnership with SERV to help customers securely access property data

MuleSoft announces partnership with SERV to help customers securely access property data

By using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, SERV is enhancing its registry services and helping customers make better decisions based on both legacy and real time data insights

Salesforce today announced that&Secure Electronic Registries Victoria&(SERV) is now using&MuleSoft&to launch new data products and services, provide customers secure and scalable access to property data, and help the industry make better decisions using Victorian property data.

Supporting digitisation of the State’s property sector

SERV is a custodian of one of the largest registries in Australia, Victoria’s land title register. A vital part of the Victorian economy, SERV administers more than one million property transactions every year, issues more than three million property certificates, and distributes more than 50 million rows of data to customers. This data is used by conveyancers, lawyers, mortgage lenders, information brokers, and other property professionals to make informed decisions about property and conduct due diligence.

Based in Melbourne, SERV works closely with the Victorian Government to serve the people of Victoria, harnessing the registry to provide insights, products, and services that contribute to the state”s economic vitality.

SERV launched its first MuleSoft API in June to support the launch of an important new product that helps customers seamlessly integrate property data into their business processes. Information brokers can now effortlessly consume data using secure and scalable APIs. This new product will save manual effort through automation and improve the customer experience by providing more timely access to data.

Enhancing the customer experience through improved data liquidity

Too often the customer experience is compromised because data is locked up in disparate data stores or unable to be shared due to security concerns. Data liquidity is the ability of data to be entered once and then used downstream by other systems or users. SERV is improving the liquidity of property data by leveraging the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to rapidly develop new integrations.

“Every day, SERV is relied upon by the public, business, and government to help with property decisions and activity. We want to ensure we continually develop and expand our offerings to meet the needs of our customers and the wider property industry,” said Steve Planincic, SERV General Manager, Customer Operations and Technology. “By working with MuleSoft and investing in our digital capabilities, our customers will benefit from the delivery of secure, reliable, and valuable resources so that they can complete property transactions with ease.” With a highly skilled team of in-house property experts and technology developers, SERV is creating tailor-made, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solutions for government, businesses, and the public to help them make better-informed decisions.


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