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MuleSoft RPA Enables Complete End-to-End Business Automation

MuleSoft RPA Enables Complete End-to-End Business Automation

MuleSoft brings together integration, APIs, and automation all on one leading unified platform

MuleSoft RPA further enables the composable business, turning RPA bots into more building blocks that can be securely composed and orchestrated across teams

MuleSoft RPA powers Salesforce Customer 360 to enable seamless automated workflows for Service, Sales and other teams to deliver connected experiences from anywhere

MuleSoft today announced MuleSoft RPA, making it easy for line of business and knowledge workers to automate business processes and increase efficiency and speed. The new robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities from the recent Servicetrace acquisition replace repetitive tasks with bots that can intelligently process documents, enter data, or take action on the user”s behalf, all without code. As a part of MuleSoft’s leading unified platform for integration and APIs, MuleSoft RPA allows these bots to work for any system or application, including PDF documents, spreadsheets and even disconnected legacy systems. Customers now can bring together best-in-class integration, API management, and RPA capabilities with hyperscale resilience, universal governance, end-to-end security, and reuse-at-scale to make the composable business possible.

Defining a multi-system automation with MuleSoft RPA

The rise of hyperautomation
The urgency of today’s digital imperative is leading companies to increasingly turn to automation to unlock productivity, transform employee and customer experiences, and quickly launch new products and services. Companies want to be able to automate anything that can be automated, leading to an emerging need for hyperautomation.

According to MuleSoft’s IT and Business Alignment Barometer, 95% of organizations have implemented or are in the process of implementing automation initiatives to improve productivity. In particular, RPA adoption has exploded because it allows business users to automate business processes easily without needing specialized development skills.

However, the shift to digital-first customer and employee experiences has created more data from more systems. Companies now face the challenge of securely integrating, automating and managing workflows across multiple silos of data and systems at scale. Deploying RPA solutions at scale has become more complex, and standalone RPA solutions are not able to address hyperautomation needs.

The leading unified platform for integration, APIs, and automation
Hyperautomation requires the combination of integration, API management, and automation for companies to scale and increase the speed of work – from streamlining sales operations to speeding up customer case resolution. MuleSoft brings together integration, APIs, and automation all on one leading unified platform, making it possible for companies to turn every asset in their organization — data, bots, and applications — into reusable building blocks to create seamless digital experiences, faster.

MuleSoft applies the technology and best practices from its #1 API and integration platform to the RPA domain. Instead of being limited by scaling, security, resilience, and governance concerns, RPA becomes a trusted standard in automating work, working in tandem with citizen integrations and productized APIs. With RPA bots as another building block that can be securely composed and orchestrated across teams, MuleSoft further enables the composable business.

Customers can take advantage of MuleSoft’s unified suite of products to drive collaborative innovation across the company:

  • Anypoint Platform™ empowers IT teams to deliver composable services, API products, and bots at scale for the entire organization.
  • MuleSoft Composer empowers business teams to automate integrations to common systems without code, by leveraging IT’s reusable assets, support, and governance.
  • MuleSoft RPA automates repetitive and manual tasks with reusable bots that can intelligently process documents, enter data, or take action on the user”s behalf, all without code. Combined with Composer, MuleSoft RPA will allow customers to truly automate complete workflows across multiple systems and apps end-to-end, even disconnected legacy systems.

MuleSoft RPA powers automation across Salesforce Customer 360
MuleSoft RPA can also enrich Salesforce Customer 360, enabling end-to-end workflow automation across multiple systems internal and external to Salesforce Customer 360. MuleSoft RPA can provide intelligent automation capabilities for:

  • Einstein Automate: Salesforce admins and developers can build custom, end-to-end workflows that automate routine tasks and make employees more productive.
  • Service Cloud: Companies can scale customer service by automating embedded processes in chatbots to guide customers step-by-step to solve an issue, while call center agents can achieve significant gains in productivity by automating repetitive tasks such as look-ups and write-ins across legacy systems that lack APIs.
  • Sales Cloud: Field organizations can automate the quote-to-cash process, streamlining sales operations and improving seller productivity.
  • Salesforce Industries: Each industry has a set of tasks and specific workflows that can be automated through industry-specific bots and solutions. For example, using RPA with Financial Services Cloud, lending organizations can automate the loan approval process and subsequent processes related to loan disbursement and scheduling.

“Automating work in a digital, work-from-anywhere world is more difficult than ever because data and systems are becoming ever more fragmented,” said Meir Amiel, chief product officer, MuleSoft. “Now with MuleSoft RPA, we’re providing the only unified platform that combines the power of integration, API management, and automation on a resilient, secure, and flexible foundation, so companies across industries can easily automate business processes and compose new digital-first experiences, faster.”

Additional information:

  • MuleSoft RPA is expected to be generally available in 2022.
  • Tune into the main MuleSoft event, Integrate Everything, Automate Anything with MuleSoft, at Dreamforce 2021&on September 22, 10-10:30 a.m. PDT

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MuleSoft RPA

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