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MuleSoft unveils Drummond Group certified AS2 Connector, enabling secured B2B communications with trading partner ecosystems

MuleSoft unveils Drummond Group certified AS2 Connector, enabling secured B2B communications with trading partner ecosystems

MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks, today announced the availability of a Drummond Group certified AS2 Connector, providing organizations with the ability to seamlessly and securely connect to their trading partner ecosystem with Anypoint Platform. The AS2 connector enables bi-directional data communication with the trading partner community extending the power of Anypoint Platform to support B2B integration scenarios.

About AS2

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is one of the most popular B2B communication protocols, widely adopted by enterprises in retail, consumer product goods, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics industries. The AS2 protocol provides various means through which customers can secure business transactions during the transmission to their trading partners by signing and encrypting messages using digital certificates. The usage of digital certificates addresses non-repudiation, allowing the recipient to verify the sender. AS2 protocol also supports sending signed receipts/acknowledgements back to the trading partner upon successful reception of the transmissions.

MuleSoft’s AS2 Connector

MuleSoft’s AS2 connector allows Anypoint Platform customers to send and receive business transactions electronically with added security over HTTP or HTTPS protocols, from within their Mule Applications. The AS2 connector enables:

  • Secured B2B communication with the trading partner community from Anypoint Platform, removing the need for organizations to have personnel with a different skill set,
  • Large file processing support through the usage of streaming,
  • And AS2 communications from the cloud.

The AS2 connector relies on S/MIME to offer encryption and signing capabilities protecting the document throughout its entire journey across the network through the use of digital signatures, providing confidence to a recipient that the sender is really who it claims to be. Enabling the AS2 connector’s full set of security features helps provide non-repudiation of an origin and receipt that reduces or eliminates disagreements between business partners. The AS2 connector provides asynchronous and compression features that reduce the risks of HTTP response timeouts and allows receivers to process documents at their own pace.

All the operations available within the connector support message payloads as a stream, providing large file processing capabilities. The connector can be used to deploy highly reliable and fault tolerant AS2 services on MuleSoft’s iPaaS platform or in on- premises Mule runtimes in the customer’s environment, with flexible configurations and error handling mechanisms. The AS2 connector also provides an explicit asynchronous Receipt MDN source enabling customers to process asynchronous MDN in the application, in addition to supporting widely used encryption/signing algorithms.

The AS2 connector works seamlessly with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager –– providing end-to-end B2B integration capabilities and supporting B2B transactions to be exchanged via traditional channels as well as through modern API communications – all through Anypoint Platform.

About Drummond Group Certification

Drummond Group LLC is a trusted leader in interoperability software testing to certify products that enable critical B2B communications connecting businesses in different industries. Drummond Certified AS2 products allow for critical business documents (including EDI, XML, CSV, Images, PDFs, etc.) to be exchanged securely and reliably. AS2 Interoperability testing utilizes Drummond Group’s full matrix interoperability testing to ensure full coverage testing between the certified products. The Drummond Certification program has been in existence since 2000, offering interoperable secure message exchange testing and certification twice per year. Some of the largest supply chains require trading partners to use Drummond Group certified AS2 products.


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