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Salesforce Outlines Strategy to Boost Private Sector Support for Nature Conservation and Restoration 

Editor’s Note: AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and other cloud GPT products are now Einstein. For the latest on Salesforce Einstein, go here.

Today, as part of Earth Month, Salesforce announced a Nature Positive Strategy outlining specific actions the company will take to accelerate its existing commitment to a net zero, nature positive future rooted in people and climate justice. 

Why it’s relevant: Governments made a global commitment at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) to halt and reverse nature loss, including protecting 30% of the planet by 2030. There was also agreement on increasing private sector support for this effort. 

Taking action for a nature positive future: With this news, Salesforce becomes one of the first global companies to establish a comprehensive Nature Positive Strategy. Building on the company’s Climate Action Plan and its efforts, the strategy focuses on: 

  1. Reducing impacts on nature: Salesforce will measure, manage, and develop an action plan to reduce its impacts and dependencies on nature across its value chain including data centers, offices, people, and products by 2025; and is already taking part in the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures’ pilot phase ahead of its launch later this year. 
  2. Leading on nature restoration at scale: Salesforce will continue to make investments and forge partnerships to protect and restore nature at scale, including supporting and mobilizing the conservation, restoration, and growth of 100 million trees by 2030 through, and accelerating the Mangrove Breakthrough to restore and protect mangroves at scale.
  3. Accelerating customer success and the nature positive movement: Salesforce will expand on solutions like Net Zero Cloud to help its customers accelerate their sustainability journeys. To further accelerate the movement, Salesforce will also advocate for policies, support ecopreneurs, and empower local and Indigenous communities through the UN’s Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform


  • “For Salesforce, incorporating nature into our decision-making is not only about managing risks and costs, but also about value creation, innovation, and collaboration. We’re excited to bring the full power of Salesforce to our customers, partners, and ecopreneurs so they too can be part of shaping a net zero, nature positive future.” – Suzanne DiBianca, EVP & Chief Impact Officer of ESG and Sustainability, Salesforce
  • “The power and ingenuity of the private sector will be critical in addressing the nature crisis. It is very encouraging to see corporate leaders like Salesforce establishing a Nature Positive Strategy for their business and leveraging their influence for the protection and restoration of the natural ecosystems that we all rely upon.” – Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace and renowned ethologist and conservationist 
  • “Leadership and collaboration between global companies and local communities in climate and nature is essential as we are now in a race against time. Salesforce has supported Indigenous participation and climate action not only here in the Andes but across many developing countries. We ask everyone to show leadership at this scale and recognize the enormous efforts underway at the local level.” – Constantino ‘Tino’ Aucca Chutas, UN Champion of the Earth and Peruvian Indigenous leader of the ‘Accion Andina’ restoration movement

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