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Salesforce Launches Sales Cloud Unlimited to Accelerate Productivity with AI and Automation

Sales Cloud

90% of sales teams agree intelligent insights cut closing times significantly

Stripe, PTC, and EMyth are using Sales Cloud to drive growth and efficiency

The world is in a state of uncertainty with talent shortages and economic turmoil, and companies need to find a way to drive efficiencies across every facet of their business. Against this backdrop, sales organizations are leaning more on technologies like AI and CRM to help boost their productivity. In fact, new research shows 90% of sales teams agree that having intelligent insights cuts closing times significantly.

Salesforce today introduced Sales Cloud Unlimited, a unified platform with everything sales teams need in one place to drive growth and turn sales reps into trusted advisors. Additionally, with Sales Cloud for Slack, Subscription Management, and industry-tailored Revenue Intelligence, every sales team now has the tools to speed up workflow and drive revenue from day one.

“We are in a new era of selling where every sales organization needs to transform from intuition-based to data-driven decision making to be successful,” said Ketan Karkhanis, GM, EVP, Sales Cloud. “Companies need technology that unites workflow, automation, and intelligence to drive productivity and efficient growth across every channel, and now with Sales Cloud Unlimited, our customers can have all three.”

Sales Cloud Unlimited drives greater customer value with intelligent insights 

Sales Cloud is now an all-in-one platform for sales where AI (powered by Einstein), automation, and analytics come standard, enabling every sales rep to be more efficient. With Sales Cloud Unlimited, organizations across industries have new ways to connect with their customers: 

  • A financial services company can improve the effectiveness of its sales team with enhanced coaching and strategic collaboration across teams for top clients. 
  • A healthcare provider can manage patient communications and build trusted relationships across communication channels.
  • A manufacturer can transform their revenue model to offer subscriptions for products, parts and maintenance, opening up new channels for customers to manage their accounts online while delivering efficient growth. 
  • A retail owner can get visibility into business trends and make informed inventory decisions based on purchase patterns and insights.
Example of  Einstein Conversation Insights – embedded call record player with talk track, transcript, and keywords

Feature Information:

Sales Cloud delivers millions of recommendations and insights daily, so sales reps can spend less time filling out spreadsheets and more time serving as a trusted advisor to clients. It includes:

  • Eight new built-in AI solutions* — powered by Sales Cloud Einstein and Einstein Activity Capture — that deliver millions of real-time recommendations and intelligently embed them into the flow of work to help sales reps engage with customers in a whole new way. 
  • Sales Engagement and Salesforce Inbox together offer a unified selling experience with workflow automation for reps to connect customer touchpoints on a single platform and empower sales reps to act as trusted advisors.
  • Embedded call coaching and conversation insights — powered by Einstein Conversation Insights — transcribe conversations and analyze call details, delivering actionable feedback to help reps focus on customer engagements and meet their customers’ needs.
  • Extended across industries, now customers of Financial Services, Health & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Retail & Consumer Goods industry clouds have this new functionality out-of-the-box.

Drive efficient growth with self-service subscriptions

Customers expect easy, personalized buying experiences and now, with Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud, businesses can build a subscription process around their customers so they can buy how, when, and where they want. With self-service buying and personalization across any self-service channel, reps can focus more on their high-touch accounts and deliver better experiences for customers, fueling the next level of a company’s revenue growth.

Subscription Management supports companies across not only high-tech, communications and media, but also manufacturing and professional services industries as customer demand increases for B2B self-service buying options. 

Accelerate deeper insights for the business

Five new, industry-tailored versions of Revenue Intelligence, a unified revenue management command center with Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau capabilities, are now generally available.* 

Built for the financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods, communications, and energy & utilities industries, they provide sales teams with industry-specific KPIs and AI-driven insights to forecast accurately, gain better visibility into pipeline information, and coach sellers to close bigger deals, faster.

The marketplace has been asking forever to put all of these offerings together with a fixed price. This is a necessary innovation that will be very well received in the market.

Jim Dickie, Sales Mastery

Empower teams to collaborate in real time and close deals faster

Teams can use Sales Cloud for Slack to easily set up notifications for deals in motion, save time by updating and sharing deal details right from Slack, and securely collaborate across departments — such as sales, service, and marketing — to increase productivity and help reps close deals faster. 

Right now everyone is trying to do more with less and to consolidate to create a single sales cycle workplace. The revamped Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition meets all of that criteria and covers the most critical pieces — engagement and enablement.

Michelle Morgan, IDC

Sales reps are becoming trusted advisors with the all-new Sales Cloud 

  • “Subscriptions are the lifeline of our coaching business. Salesforce Subscription Management can give us critical insights into our client relationships, make it simple to access the relevant information we need, and free us to spend more time connecting with our clients.”— Jeff Wechsler, Chief Orchestration Officer at EMyth 
  • “The move to the cloud has fundamentally changed the way our customers want to work with us. Subscription Management enabled us to transform our platform. It changed the way we interface with the customer and the way the sales team saw their data. The flexibility that’s inherent in a subscription-type model is an integral part of the commercial model that we’re engaged in today, and having the capability to proactively manage subscriptions with our customers has opened up so many opportunities.” — Martin Ingram, Chief Digital Officer at PTC 

Extending innovation and impact through the Salesforce Partner Ecosystem

Salesforce has an extensive partner ecosystem that helps reps drive productivity, connect sales processes, and activate business growth from anywhere. Technology partners such as Stripe, DocuSign, and Vertex extend and complement the power of Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud. 

More information: 

  • Tune into World Tour London on Salesforce+ to learn more about Sales Cloud.
  • Explore new research about the ‘Great Sales Transformation’ here.
  • Learn more about Sales Cloud product innovations here.
  • *Eight new AI solutions include: Automated Contacts, Lead Scoring, Forecasting, Opportunity Scoring, Recommended Connections, Email Insights, Pipeline Inspection, and Einstein Conversation Insights.
  • 24/7 Premier Support, Sandboxes, and Pipeline Inspection now come standard in Sales Cloud Unlimited.
  • *Five new industry-tailored versions of Revenue Intelligence include: Financial Services Cloud Intelligence, Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence, Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence, Communications Cloud Intelligence, and Energy & Utilities Cloud Intelligence.
  • Call transcriptions now available with Einstein Conversation Insights, and preset cadences newly available with Sales Engagement.
  • Together with MuleSoft, businesses can seamlessly connect data from third-party systems with Sales Cloud, delivering a single view of the customer for more accurate sales, planning and forecasting. 


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