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New Salesforce Research Links Lower Stress Levels and Business Automation

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Survey also finds increased employee satisfaction and better productivity as a direct result of automation in the workplace 

Adopting new technologies can be scary, and that’s also true when it comes to automation solutions. A 2018 Pew Research study, in fact, claimed the majority of average citizens across 10 countries were worried about automation. 

A recent Salesforce survey, however, has identified four key ways workplace automation has actually improved employee experiences, both personally and professionally. The Salesforce survey, fielded in October among 773 automation users in the United States, found that 89% are more satisfied with their job and 84% are more satisfied with their company as a result of using automation in the workplace.

What drives this engagement? Four key themes emerged from the research.  

Automation fuels productivity and team collaboration 

As employees automate tasks like daily workflow and data reporting, they are reporting increased productivity. In fact, 74% of automation users say using automation tools helps them get their work done faster.

Collaboration has become a critical part of business success, particularly as teams become more spread out across the globe. According to the research, automation solutions serve as a means to better work both across and within teams. With low code automation, users can build workflows easily in order to collaborate better with IT departments. In fact, 90% of IT users claim automation has made them much more satisfied with collaboration across departments. 

Automating tasks saves time while reducing error

When automation entered the scene, many people worried about the ability of technology to replace the value of human workers with critical thinking skills. Has investment in technology since created a gap in the need for skilled workers? The answer seems to be no, as 81% of automation users today do not worry that automation will replace their job. 

The survey further challenged skeptics by showing that 88% of users now trust automation solutions to complete tasks without error. 

Time saved with automation leaves room for employees to take on new projects and advance their career

This reduction in errors and menial tasks means employees are left to use their time valuably and strategically. Most automation users claim time saved by automation solutions allows them to grow their skill sets, take on new projects, and even deepen their professional relationships. 

Automation solutions lower stress, increase balance

It’s not all about business benefits. Survey respondents reported lower stress levels and better work life balance as a result of using automation solutions. 

Dive deeper into the data with Tableau below.

Automation solutions mean a happier workforce

Last year, Salesforce outlined the reasons why it is investing further in automation

Now, as burnout becomes more prevalent in the second year of the pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to keep their employees happier. This new research suggests they may find those solutions in automation — flipping the script entirely on fears of the past. 

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