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On Earth Day, Salesforce, Marriott Sustainability Leads Urge Companies to Drive Climate Action

Patrick & Denise on Earth Day

On Salesforce’s Blazing Trails podcast, Patrick Flynn, VP Sustainability, Salesforce and Denise Naguib, VP, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity, Marriott International, discussed how their partnership helps make meaningful progress on climate change. 

Why it’s relevant: Climate change is one of the most pressing issues humanity faces today, and every individual, institution, business, country and government official has a role to play in finding solutions. Companies need to work with partners, as well as customers and suppliers to clearly outline their environmental expectations, and use their influence to help others move the needle on climate action.

The Salesforce perspective: 

  • “The customer relationship is going to end up being the key to climate action. When you’re talking to suppliers, you’re using your customer voice to be really clear about what your own objectives are. Denise and I are each other’s customers, and we aim to be as clear as possible about what we want from each other for our own climate and sustainability objectives. It’s the next frontier of where some of the biggest innovation, collaboration, and breakthroughs are going to come from in rising to meet the climate emergency that we face.” – Patrick Flynn, VP Sustainability, Salesforce

What Marriott is saying: 

  • “There are a lot more companies who have set ambitious goals over the past year on climate, that are really figuring out how they partner with their customers and their suppliers to work through environmental challenges.” – Denise Naguib, VP, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity, Marriott International
  • “It is the partnership that Patrick and I, and our peers at other companies have that helped us move the needle in this space. We collectively understand what each other needs in order to lift our own companies up, and move forward in this very, very important and critical space. And by doing that together with an ear to what the needs are of the other, I think it’s going to only help all of us move effectively together. Because this is not a do-it-by-yourself kind of effort.” – Denise Naguib, VP, Sustainability and Supplier Diversity, Marriott International

Listen to the full episode below, or catch Blazing Trails wherever you listen to your podcasts.


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