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Pet Supermarket Collars the Market on Retail Fulfillment with Salesforce Commerce Solutions

Pet Supermarket, a Florida-based pet specialty retailer, is using Salesforce technology to enhance its online shopping experience, improve delivery times, and reduce shipping costs for pet owners. 

The challenge: Pet Supermarket was struggling with shipping delays caused by solely relying on their warehouse for fulfillment. The retailer turned to Salesforce Commerce Cloud Order Management System (OMS), a tool that allows sellers to track sales, process orders, manage inventory, and streamline fulfillment, to make sure products end up in the hands of the customers who ordered them. Now, Pet Supermarket can incorporate inventory from its extensive network of over 200 storefronts into the fulfillment process for online orders — resulting in speedier and even same-day product delivery.

The impact: With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, Pet Supermarket is now armed with omnichannel order fulfillment, enhanced customer service, upselling opportunities, and insightful company data. Specifically, Pet Supermarket has:

  • Reimagined fulfillment for agility: By leveraging Commerce Cloud, Pet Supermarket is redefining the shipping and returns experience for shoppers with physical storefront inventory available with omnichannel fulfillment services, including Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, and Ship From Store. This has opened new avenues to offer customers upleveled convenience and in-person brand touchpoints. 
  • White-glove customer service: With the help of Service Cloud, Pet Supermarket’s service agents now have all the information at their fingertips to more swiftly respond to customer questions about their recent purchases. Service Cloud’s integration with Commerce Cloud eliminates the need to toggle between separate ecommerce and customer service platforms – reducing service costs and call resolution time and improving agent efficiency.
    • With new Order On Behalf Of, a Commerce Cloud feature that lets customer service reps place orders directly on behalf of a customer, service agents can also identify relevant opportunities to upsell or cross-sell additional products to the customer while on a service call, and service agents can directly add requested items to the shopper’s existing order. 
  • Enhanced customer communication: With Marketing Cloud, Pet Supermarket can communicate purchase and order updates to its customers via email, such as order confirmations, auto-shipment reminders, and delivery notifications. Marketing Cloud also allows Pet Supermarket to build and deliver personalized messages and promotions for customers based on their past purchase history.

Customer perspective: “Our adoption of innovative Salesforce solutions has dramatically improved how we interact with and serve our customers. We’re delivering products faster, and our return process is smoother, which is critical in today’s fast-paced retail landscape.”  – Matt Ezyk, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supermarket

We’re delivering products faster, and our return process is smoother, which is critical in today’s fast-paced retail landscape.

Matt Ezyk, Director of eCommerce, Pet Supermarket

Salesforce perspective: “Consumers have now come to expect personalization and convenience in their online and in-person shopping experiences. We are thrilled to see Pet Supermarket leverage Salesforce offerings to get its products into the hands of shoppers faster than ever while delivering exceptional service and boosting customer loyalty.” – Michael Affronti, SVP & GM of Commerce Cloud at Salesforce

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