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Salesforce Helps Latinx-Founded Community Bank Uplift Underserved Communities with CRM, Data, and AI

Today, as National Small Business Week 2023 kicks off, Salesforce is proud to highlight its work with New York-based and Latinx-founded Ponce Bank. Salesforce technology supports the bank’s efforts to serve the financial needs of local communities, including small businesses, underserved groups, and immigrant communities.

What’s the impact: Ponce Bank is one of the largest FDIC-certified, Latinx-managed Minority Depository Institutions (MDI) east of the Mississippi. 

  • With Salesforce technology, including CRM Analytics, Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Platform, Ponce Bank is gaining a better view of its customers, access to secure, real-time financial information, and increased productivity across the company. 
  • This has enabled Ponce Bank to scale quickly and reach more customers, driving growth and providing vital support in the communities it serves.

Dive deeper:

  • All of Ponce Bank’s employees use Financial Services Cloud – from Ponce Bankers to loan officers and customer service and call center representatives. Using the technology, Ponce Bank is achieving new levels of operational efficiency – automating processes across its front and back office, such as loan underwriting, deposit rate approvals, and helping Ponce Bankers predict next best actions to better serve their clients.
  • With Marketing Cloud and the power of Einstein AI, Ponce Bank has been able to create smarter, deeper relationships with customers and prospects by personalizing content in real time to deliver the right message at the right time, while also engaging their audience of underbanked and underserved communities more efficiently. 
  • In addition, Ponce Bank leverages Salesforce Platform to automate processes using low-code tools, while also providing a layer of security across the entire organization.
  • With CRM Analytics, Ponce Bank can visualize real-time data with dashboards to gain a better understanding of customers, enabling them to provide better and more personalized service. Ponce Bank has created a visual indicator so Ponce Bankers can easily see images of a client’s savings, checking, and more to understand at-a-glance where the account stands.

The customer view: Ponce Bank CEO Carlos Naudon has coined the phrase, “GPS,” or “Guided Path to Success,” to refer to Salesforce technology internally, underscoring its importance as a single point of interaction for bankers to understand all client information. 

  • “We brought on Salesforce four years ago, when we were barely holding $1 billion in assets and had just hit 160 employees. During that time, we were trying to become a meaningful force in supporting our local New York communities, and with Salesforce, we have been able to scale and impact more people and businesses than we could have ever imagined. We’ve grown to almost $2.5 billion in assets and 270 employees and we will continue growing.” – Carlos Naudon, CEO, Ponce Bank

With Salesforce, we have been able to scale and impact more people and businesses than we could have ever imagined.

Carlos Naudon, CEO, Ponce Bank

The Salesforce view: “Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and in today’s uncertain economy, it is more important than ever that we find ways to support them. By helping Ponce Bank scale their business and better understand and serve their customers with CRM, data, and AI, we are able to directly help uplift people and small businesses across New York, building stronger economies and connections.” – Greg Jacobi, VP & GM of Banking & Lending, Salesforce

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