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Salesforce Summer ’24 Release: Bring Your Own LLM, Vector Databases, Slack AI, and Zero Copy Updates

Today, Salesforce announced that the Summer ʼ24 release preview is now live

Why it matters: The Summer ʼ24 release includes hundreds of new features, including connected data and generative AI capabilities. These features will be generally available on June 17, 2024 and help companies:

  • Boost productivity.
  • Safely use any large language model (LLM), since Einstein is built on an open platform. 
  • Safeguard sensitive customer and company data with the Einstein Trust Layer.

Highlights from the Summer ʼ24 product release:

  • Bring Your Own LLM Expansion — Easily connects instances of OpenAI and Azure OpenAI LLMs to Salesforce. With the Summer ‘24 release, options will expand to include Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock models (Mistral, Titan, Llama 2, and more).
Connecting an LLM in Model Builder
  • Slack AI — Uses a company’s conversational data to help users work faster and smarter, bringing the power of generative AI natively into the secure Slack platform. Now, users can access features like recaps, which delivers a daily morning digest of key channels, and search answers, which provides personalized, intelligent responses to conversational questions, and more.
  • Zero Copy Integration with Amazon Redshift — Shares data between Data Cloud and Amazon Redshift with zero copy integration. With zero copy integration, teams in Salesforce can access data from where it lives and when the source data changes, it is immediately updated everywhere. With data federation and data sharing, customers can now exchange their company data bi-directionally and access Amazon Redshift datasets in Salesforce to enrich their unified customer profiles and unlock new insights.
  • Vector Database — Ingests, unifies, and indexes structured and unstructured data in Data Cloud Vector Database to power automation, analytics, search, and AI.
  • Data Cloud for Commerce — Drives business insights that grow revenue with real-time analytics, automation, and personalization. Leveraging Commerce data like product, order, and fulfillment history, combined with marketing and third-party data stored in Data Cloud, merchants are empowered to make data-driven decisions fast.
  • Digital Wallet — Shows usage visibility into consumption-based products so customers can optimize spend and detect trends over time to make better purchasing decisions.

Learn more:

  • For a detailed look at these features plus hundreds more, go here

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