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Re-engage Patients Awaiting Treatment with the Accelerate Elective Procedures Solution

Today, we’re announcing the Salesforce Accelerate Elective Procedures solution for healthcare providers to proactively re-engage patients and reschedule elective procedures and services delayed by the COVID-19 crisis. This solution will enable provider organizations to prioritize patients by most immediate need, streamline the intake process, and get patients into their procedures as soon as possible. Now, providers can restart postponed care and re-establish communication and outreach with patients who have stayed at home over the past few months.

Many elective procedures–which often reduce pain, improve quality of life and prevent dangerous complications–have been postponed to make room for patients affected by the global pandemic. However, providers are now transitioning back to addressing these non-emergency procedures and services. These organizations need a streamlined way to re-engage thousands of patients who were forced to put their appointments on hold, while instilling trust and a sense of safety in patients who may feel uncertain about returning to hospital facilities due to a fear of contracting COVID-19.

New solutions help providers re-engage patients with postponed elective procedures

Care coordinator utilizing a Health Cloud dashboard to manage elective procedures and engage patients.

Powered by Salesforce Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Tableau, the Accelerate Elective Procedures solution addresses several critical areas to help health systems efficiently reprioritize elective procedures and services, coordinate care, and engage patients for better outcomes:

  • Patient Prioritization: Sets up provider organizations to launch a full clinical review process and organize patients in order of acuity and surgical priority. For example, this feature helps providers view patient queues, prioritize cases based on clinical considerations and automatically document the process.
  • Patient Outreach: Allows care coordinators at provider organizations to re-engage with patients at every step of their surgical journey—from preoperative instructions to postoperative follow up—to review patient cards, communicate with patients on different channels from the same console and share relevant knowledge articles.
  • Patient Intake: Enables provider organizations to accelerate patient preparation, including the insurance verification process. This intake process then initiates the surgery triage based on provider’s metrics of patient acuity and severity.
  • Capacity Planning and Analytics: Allows provider organizations to better plan for onboarding of procedures and measure the availability of beds, staff and specific wards not dedicated to COVID-19 patients. Now, provider organizations can better analyze their staff and facility capacity against their list of canceled procedures and service lines.

To get information and have a Salesforce representative reach out to you about the Accelerate Elective Procedures solution, please complete this form.


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