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New Salesforce Sales Cloud Innovations Help Companies Sell Smarter and Grow Revenue Faster

Sales Cloud

With Revenue Intelligence, Sales Enablement, and Subscription Management for Sales Cloud, sales leaders have Einstein-powered tools to drive growth

Driving growth in today’s work-from-anywhere world is a challenge. As handshakes and in-person meetings have transitioned to virtual channels, many sales leaders need a digital HQ to close deals and build high-performing sales teams. Between rapidly changing markets and demand for sales roles growing 65% in the past year, leaders require tools that support a new way of digital-first selling to meet customer expectations. 

Today, Salesforce is introducing three new Sales Cloud innovations, giving sales teams everything they need to accelerate growth through AI-powered insights, integrated sales enablement resources, and self-service options that put power in customers’ hands.  

“Salesforce is at the forefront of evolving sales playbooks to meet the needs of customers in the digital-first, work anywhere world,” said Bill Patterson, EVP & GM, CRM Applications, Salesforce. “Continued Sales Cloud innovation has made it a leader in its category for more than a decade, empowering sales teams to achieve success no matter the selling landscape.”

The new Sales Cloud innovations include:

Revenue Intelligence: Equipping sales leaders with insights throughout the entire sales and revenue cycle, from closing deals to setting forecasts to building new pipelines, is imperative as sales organizations evolve from relying on intuition to hard data. 

Revenue Intelligence combines Sales Cloud, Einstein and Tableau capabilities into a unified revenue management command center so that customers can:

  • Close deals with confidence: Analyze the health of the business with Einstein Deal Insights that provide AI-powered predictions such as deals likely to close or push and sales closing KPIs — including attainment, win rate and quarterly progress — across all customer interactions. 
  • Take action to meet sales targets: Leverage easy, pre-built analytics powered by Tableau to address gaps in targets and actionable insights to drive forecast accuracy. 
  • Adapt a data-first sales strategy: Identify trends from across multiple dimensions, such as best practices from top sales reps and deals, to make every rep a top performer.

Sales Enablement: Smooth onboarding, training, and development experiences for sales reps are essential to creating engaged teams; retaining and attracting strong talent; and ultimately closing deals. 

Enablement, now embedded directly within Sales Cloud, makes it easier to build high performing sales teams fast, making it possible to:

  • Accelerate deals with data-driven coaching: Einstein quickly surfaces coachable moments related to pipeline and deal insights to help sales managers and reps focus on improving skills that help close more deals. 
  • Skill up sales reps with contextual, real-time learning: Deliver personalized learning journeys powered by Trailhead, and facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing across modern channels like video and Slack.
  • Tie enablement to revenue: Measure the impact of enablement activities on key sales metrics like lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, reduction in sales cycle time, increased close rates, and more. 

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud: Companies are shifting to focus more on B2B buying and subscription management through self service, and sales leaders need to be able to quickly launch new products and services across a variety of channels — from e-commerce storefronts to in-app. Existing Revenue Cloud capabilities give businesses the agility to make buying processes faster and easier,  while accelerating new revenue streams and efficiency. 

Now, with Subscription Management, companies can deliver a unified customer experience built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, empowering customers to manage subscriptions from any self-service channel on their own and:

  • Manage the complete subscription journey: Handle revenue actions from product to cash and access metrics for insights into your recurring business.
  • Deploy across any self-service channel: Integration into e-commerce, in-app, or any other self-service touchpoint allows companies to offer self-service options on the channels their customers want.
  • Maximize Revenue with Einstein: Einstein enables companies to  prioritize collection efforts by predicting the risk of late or non-payments, and recommend the next best action to ensure consistent revenue streams.

Built on the Salesforce Customer 360, Sales Cloud is a leading sales platform that companies use to drive growth — providing the tools needed to modernize how companies sell and buy in a digital-first, work-from-anywhere world. New Revenue Intelligence, Sales Enablement and Subscription Management help companies sell smarter and grow revenue faster. These innovations come on the heels of new Slack-first Sales, giving reps the ability to collaborate on deals in real-time and speed up sales cycles by an average of 15%

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