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Salesforce Unveils Seven Innovations to Help Industries Create Success from Anywhere

  • Salesforce Industries includes 12 industry clouds and a digital-first approach to help companies reimagine their businesses for a success-from-anywhere world
  • Innovations provide custom-built solutions for industry sub-verticals, including corporate and investment banking and health insurance 
  • AI integrations help re-architect employee work streams and customer experience 
Hear about Salesforce’s Industry Success from Anywhere innovations and how our customers are digitally transforming.

Over the last year and a half, companies across every industry responded to a world in crisis by transforming the way they work and serve customers. Hospitals developed online portals for COVID-19 screening, retailers launched curbside pickup for ecommerce orders, and banks moved application processes online to quickly distribute Paycheck Protection Program loans. 

While every industry was affected uniquely, the universal lesson learned is that digital transformation is no longer just a competitive advantage — it’s what companies must do to survive. Research conducted by Salesforce indicates that today’s consumers now turn to an average of nine channels to interact with a brand, and 88 percent expect companies to accelerate their digital initiatives to deliver better experiences.

We are now at a critical tipping point where entire industries must be smarter, faster, and more willing to break down barriers to meet changing customers expectations in the new era. Companies need industry technology solutions that support today’s digital-first mandate with tailored AI and insights. Today, Salesforce is unveiling Industry Success from Anywhere, new innovations to help companies work smarter and reimagine their business for a digital-first world. Here’s how:

Accelerated transformation from anywhere 

If COVID-19 taught businesses anything, it’s that industries need to transform quickly. With new features in Virtual Sales and Execution for Consumer Goods Cloud, sales representatives in the consumer goods industry can opt out of visiting a store in person and transition to a self-service approach that allows store managers to verify digitally that products are in stock and displayed correctly on shelves. 

In the appointment economy, healthcare providers need more efficient ways to schedule patient appointments without having to switch between multiple systems. New Intelligent Appointment Management for Health Cloud uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest appointment availability with preferred providers. The single console connects with EHRs to query for and book appointments and is designed to guide schedulers through any pre-visit questionnaires to prepare patients before their visit. These features improve the likelihood patients will attend their appointments and help simplify their overall experience.

Industry-specific AI and compliance

Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI) is a new AI-powered research assistant that autonomously explores the internet and internal data sources to discover relationship insights about customers, prospects and companies to help sales reps close deals faster. For industries like financial services and healthcare, ERI acts as a virtual assistant – scanning news articles, social media and email, among other sources, to automatically uncover and deliver critical account and contact information. ERI is an example of how AI and automation will work with salespeople to close more deals to increase revenue. 

With Corporate and Investment Banking for Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce is adding specializations to help banks maintain compliance by ensuring sensitive client or deal data, like material nonpublic information, is only shared with relevant stakeholders working on a deal at any given time based on rules determined ahead by compliance teams. 

Reimagined industry solutions

Consumer goods companies spend around 20 percent of their annual revenue on trade spend, leveraging promotions online and in-store to maximize sales. Despite the importance of trade promotions, companies still typically rely on spreadsheets and disconnected systems to plan and measure the effectiveness of this critical investment. With Consumer Goods Cloud for Trade Promotion Management, consumer goods companies can move this process into an integrated platform and connect to mission critical front office processes such as marketing, commerce, service and field execution to deliver an integrated route to market.

Earlier this year, Salesforce launched Intelligent Document Automation (IDA) for Health Cloud, and now we’re rolling out this feature for the public sector. With IDA for Public Sector, government organizations can scan paper, handwritten applications into Salesforce to convert them to digital records with a few clicks. This helps eliminate manual data entry, speeds up intake and allows government reviewers to focus on mission priorities like helping an entrepreneur open a business, providing rental assistance to a veteran or helping a young driver obtain their learner’s permit.

Healthcare organizations need a centralized platform of engagement to quickly grow their network of providers, improve collaboration and boost provider satisfaction. With Provider Network Management for Health Cloud, organizations can dramatically save time and money by automating and streamlining the enrollment and credentialing process. This helps healthcare organizations strengthen relationships with providers and enables patients and members to access more robust care options faster.

Redefine the future for each industry 

Salesforce’s latest innovations bolster the company’s existing 12 industry clouds and offer new support for sub-verticals within supported industries. As companies completely reshape how their industries work, Salesforce Industries is designed to ensure that companies can continue to meet the digital demands of a new era.  

More Information

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