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Salesforce and AT&T Join Forces to Accelerate Climate Action

AT&T Sustainability

Salesforce will collaborate on AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative, aimed at reducing a gigaton of global emissions by 2035

AT&T IoT data integrates into Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to help its customers reduce emissions

AT&T will now utilize Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud to measure its carbon footprint

Today at World Tour New York, AT&T and Salesforce announced a collaboration to accelerate progress toward a net zero economy. 

To support this goal, Salesforce will participate in AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative (CCI), a collaborative that works on connectivity-based solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions by 1 gigaton by 2035. The effort brings together corporate leaders, universities, and non-profit organizations to unleash the power of connectivity solutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and edge computing, in order to reach this goal. 

As a first example of how CCI is helping reduce emissions through connectivity, AT&T and Salesforce collaborated for AT&T to integrate its IoT sensor data into Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud, helping businesses – including large emitters – to track and help reduce their own emissions. AT&T will also utilize Net Zero Cloud for deeper insights into its global carbon emissions.

“The world needs bold action beyond the scale of what any individual company can do alone, and that is why we are thrilled to be a part of AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative,” said Patrick Flynn, SVP and Global Head of Sustainability, Salesforce. “When companies, customers, and suppliers work together to reach shared climate goals, we can achieve transformative climate action at the scale and speed the planet needs.”  

“As businesses embrace climate change as a priority, our connectivity solutions can help them make progress toward their goals,” said Charlene Lake, Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP-Corporate Social Responsibility, AT&T. “We welcome Salesforce to CCI and look forward to innovating together new ways to help businesses around the world reach net zero. And as we continue on our own journey toward carbon neutrality, Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud will offer valuable insights to help us get there.”  

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud provides actionable insights to identify the fastest path to net zero 

AT&T integrates its IoT data into Net Zero Cloud to help customers track emissions

Since 2015, AT&T has been working with business customers and non-profits to drive connectivity solutions that help reduce emissions. It has focused on sectors that currently have large carbon footprints, including manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

For example, AT&T developed Equipment and Machinery Solutions to better track, monitor, control and optimize heavy machinery and equipment, such as dozers, forklifts and cranes, and help companies in these industries manage their performance all in a single view. 

This IoT solution helps companies collect and survey vital equipment data, such as engine hours and fuel consumption of machinery, within Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud. Within the product, emissions are calculated, so businesses can better track their sustainability goals from the job site to the boardroom. Net Zero Cloud provides AT&T’s customers with critical data accessible from virtually any location via a web portal or mobile app. This AT&T capability  is available for any of its business customers.

Complete Sustainability Visibility

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud accelerates organizations in their effort to reach net zero

Salesforce built Net Zero Cloud to simplify and improve the process of tracking and reporting on its own carbon footprint. This enabled the company to quickly track, analyze, and report on emissions with reliable, investor-grade data, major steps on its journey to net zero. In 2021, Salesforce achieved its net zero residual emissions goal and reached 100% renewable energy for its operations by purchasing renewable energy equivalent to the electricity it uses globally. 

Now, Salesforce is helping organizations of all sizes and across industries accelerate their net zero journeys. AT&T has been reporting its greenhouse gas emissions since 2008, but the process has been labor-intensive and there has traditionally been a lag between when data is collected from emissions sources and when that data becomes available to decision-makers. AT&T is now in the process of migrating to Net Zero Cloud to streamline and improve timeliness and availability of emissions reporting. Several organizations, including JetBlue, Crowley, Clif Bar & Company, MillerKnoll, and the South Australian Government are leveraging Net Zero Cloud to track their progress towards net zero.

“We put technology in the hands of our customers so they can make meaningful decisions about climate action,” said Ari Alexander, GM of Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce. “Every organization needs to accelerate to net zero now. We’re thrilled to collaborate with AT&T in its Connected Climate Initiative to help reduce emissions at scale and support their climate commitments with Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud.”

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